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Website Enhancements for better Conversion for an LMS Company

Jan 21, 2023 Dallas USA

We are supporting a North American pioneer who has provided homeschooling to the local audience for over 20 years. 

They are a well-known school that gives students and their families high-quality education over the web. These homeschools provide students with an alternative to the rigid structure of a traditional school, allowing them to learn at their own pace and in their way from any location with an Internet connection.

While the company and its offerings enjoy widespread recognition across North America, their efforts to get more audience, make them customers on their website, and improve user journey could have been more effective. That’s where Brainvire comes into the picture. 

"Our team will analyze your existing marketing activities, make recommendations for changes, and then implement those recommendations to enhance both the experience and the overall user journey," said Chintan Shah, CEO of Brainvire.

When our Brainers analyzed its website, It had around six thousand pages, with bulky and unattractive content that any audience usually finds cumbersome to read and, ultimately, bounce from the website.

Apart from this, the website needed several enhancements in terms of UI. For example, the call to action (CTA) button, menu bar, and headers were not placed intuitively, which enabled people to spend less time on the website and increased bounce rates. Also, many orphan pages were made for marketing, but they needed to be connected to the main website. 

Our team of experts did a technical analysis of their site and fixed its problems. For example, they removed extra information and features and made the website's home page easier to use so that people could focus on the most critical parts. Besides, our experienced professionals also exposed hidden microsites, changed the hierarchies of menu items, and many other things.

We pared down the websites by replacing all the fluff with crisp and concise content, and retaining only the most critical pages from an operational standpoint.

These changes will make the website's navigation easier for visitors, which is good for business on many levels. Streamlining a website's user experience is crucial for several reasons.

Enhance the user experience by making it easier for visitors to your website to find the content they seek and carry out the actions you want them to do. This will improve the user's time on the site, make them happier, and make them more likely to return.

It has been shown that improved user journeys increase conversion rates by getting more users to do what you want them to do, like buy something, fill out a form, or sign up for a service. As a result, the site's owner may see a rise in conversions and income.

Bounce rates go up when people give up on a website in the middle of their journey because it's too hard to use or has a lousy design. By making a site easier to use, web admins get more people to stay on it and reduce the number of people who leave it quickly.

Search engine optimization (SEO) improved through a more streamlined user experience. Website owners may enhance the user experience and encourage visitors to spend more time on their sites by making it simpler for them to get around. The website's search engine rankings may improve due to these changes.

In conclusion, streamlining a website's navigation boosts engagement, increases sales, decreases abandonment, and strengthens search engine optimization. A website's and its owners' success increased by streamlining the user experience.

About Brainvire

Brainvire is one of the world’s fastest-growing IT consulting firms, with a mission to create a difference in society through technology. Brainvire offers exclusive consultancy services such as Business Intelligence, Digital Marketing, Cloud ERP, CRM for E-commerce, etc., for diverse industry verticals while keeping customer satisfaction as its top priority. Over the past 20 years, Brainvire has built exceptional IT services and consulting team of more than 1500 people and served more than 2000 customers across the world.

Brainvire is a proud Odoo Gold Partner, Adobe Commerce Partner, Magento Partner, Microsoft Gold Partner, Salesforce Partner, SAP Gold Partner, and AWS Partner. It has earned many accolades such as Company of the Year, Top IT Services Firm, Top Mobile App Developers, and Best eCommerce Development Company, Inc 5000, The Dallas 100 Entrepreneur Award, Deloitte Fast 500, Silicon Valley Business Journal: Fastest Growing American Company, and Great Place to Work by various prestigious platforms.

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