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A Veteran Marketplace – Buy Veteran, By Veteran!

23 May 2017, NY

When a proposal of developing Veteran Marketplace product came to Brainvire, without an any further doubt, Brainvire accepted it with a strong urge inside to go ahead with it. A priority to deliver such product went automatically higher and it ignited a volcano of the energy within a team. Every member of the development team felt a strong energy force within. Veterans are the nation’s true heroes and whatever we do for their betterment and self-reliance is worth all the efforts.

Brainvire Expresses Gratitude For Veterans By Developing A Robust Marketplace. The U.S government has place many good schemes for the veterans as well as for the spouse or children of martyrs to be able conduct their own businesses either offline or online. The government is doing its part, now the time has given an opportunity to Brainvire to play an imminent part in it. Brainvire took the initiative to build the one-stop marketplace where veterans can offer their products and get good returns compared to other marketplaces.

Brainvire has themed the Veteran Marketplace with keeping the betterment of veteran and user in the center. This marketplace has very much lower profit ratio than another marketplace. It gives the good profit margins to veterans that a veteran deserves for sure.The veteran marketplace development has given the focus on high visibility. Any product deliverable by veteran has to be top ranking in Search Engines. Also, the marketplace is equipped with extensive search mechanism. A product being sold by a veteran deserves every chance of fetching customer attention.

Brainvire has designed the veteran marketplace in a way that it delivers more features than a strong marketplace possesses.

  • Small verifying process
  • Separate subdomain for veteran suppliers
  • Wholesale and Retail functionalities
  • Extensive product search
  • High Social media visibility
  • Rating & Reviews
  • Daily new deals
  • Product filters
  • Supplier-buyer chat
  • Bill of material(BOM) Transparency

Having a strong establishment in e-commerce and Marketplace development and WooCommerce certified developers, Brainvire development team provided many fruitful insights in the project. The advanced concept of different payment and other 3rd party integrations framed the strength of the marketplace.

“My long-time desire – doing something for ex-military and families of martyrs has taken a shape. The Veteran Marketplace is a unique platform of its kind where all veterans can trade under one roof. The Veteran Marketplace is Brainvire’s pride and a very big achievement which is beyond money.” - Mr.Chintan Shah

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