Tailored Pricing Feature Enhances Customer Journey In A Construction Material Marketplace

February 28, 2023 Dallas USA

Tailored Pricing Feature Enhances Customer Journey In A Construction Material Marketplace

Brainvire simplified the structure of a construction material marketplace that brings together buyers and sellers on a single platform.

The client has been a part of the construction business for years. It is a family-owned and run business, and they wanted to expand it digitally through an advanced marketplace. They aimed to reduce their target audience’s hassle when it comes to ordering construction raw material requirements. 

They reached out to Brainvire to hire their skilled Ionic development team for this.

“Brainvire's best skill-set comprises automation and global online marketplaces. With our help, buyers and vendors can enjoy a better digital experience. The client is impressed with the project's development and the potential impact of this cutting-edge technology on their field,” said Chintan Shah, CEO of Brainvire. 

Brainers had a comprehensive discussion with the client to understand the marketplace requirements. Our team developed the marketplace with individual customers, enterprise customers, and individual and enterprise sellers.

The enterprise customers and sellers have multiple customers and sellers under its umbrella.

Our Brainers have set four milestone analyses to evaluate the project. This encouraged the successful and timely implementation of the goals the client was aspiring for.

Customers and sellers can log in to the marketplace and share their details. The marketplace is designed so single customers can easily log in to it. However, enterprise and individual seller accounts are verified and approved for logins.  

This is to confirm authorized sellers on the marketplace. Brainers have used an appealing UI to develop this marketplace. Node JS and Ionic are the leading technologies used in this marketplace development. Our intuitive API developments are custom-designed, considering customers and sellers.

Customers can leverage the global search feature to find the product they choose. There are specific sections of recently added products and product categories. We have set an algorithm recommending customers’ products based on their recent search history and purchases.

The customer can select the product of their choice, check the product description, enter a location, and check the estimated product cost. Brainers have introduced a unique feature where the customer can select the location, check the shipping cost and evaluate the total product cost.

The Admin will set a threshold quantity for products, and the customer can order based on the threshold quantity or above. Customers can either purchase at the marketplace cost set or request a quote from multiple sellers based on their mentioned specifications.

The customer’s shipping address determines this cost, and the marketplace will share the lowest cost accordingly. 

Brainers have integrated an Escrow account facility for secure payments considering customers and sellers have to make huge transactions. The Admin can check and verify the transaction. Once this confirmation is received, the seller can dispatch the product.

Throughout the journey, the seller will be updated about the product delivery. 

Once it reaches the customer, they can check the quality and approve the delivery. If they are unsatisfied with the product quality, they can reject the delivery through an email.

The customer has 24 hours to approve or reject the order, after this, the order gets automatically approved.

Drop an email at info@brainvire.com to discover more of Brainvire’s capabilities.

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