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Blockchain Driven Smart Video Notary App Keeps Data Meddle Proof & Immutable


About Client

The client owns a foundation where they provide blockchain driven innovative digital solutions such as recording of a consent between two parties for a particular matter. Previously, Brainvire developed their blockchain based consentsy application that allows the users to discuss the sexual intimacy and take consent for the same to save them from regretful consequences. This time, the client remembered Brainvire to create a digital solution for the smart contract notary management system which is built on blockchain base.

About Product

Brainvire developed ‘Smart Notary’ mobile app where two parties can go for a verbal contract for any transaction. The app records the conversation and it can be retrieved anytime to show it as a proof in case of issues like a court case or something else. This Smart Notary app is highly secure one because the data is stored on a blockchain server named bitcoin.cash. The loss of data can’t occur because the transactions are immutable and secured by the SHA56 key cryptography algorithm. This also means that the data remains meddle-proof at blockchain server. Integration with Blockchain server, unlimited video storage, and robust privacy protection resulted in a huge success of a smart notary app for a client. The Smart Notary app has a presence on both Android and iOS operating systems

How we did it ?


2 Million + App Download

2 million + app downloads from the app store

500+ Daily Video Processing

Daily 500+ video processing without lowering down the performance

1 Million+ Videos Till Now

Within just a few months, 1 million+ videos recorded and uploaded

Reduced Administrative Work Heavily

Blockchain based mobile application reduced the administration work quite significantly

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