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Web App Development
Visual Studio 2012

About Client

The client is the leading and the largest news publishing, entertainment, and media group. The publishing behemoth offers various kinds of information materials, which include local, national, and international news, classifieds, sports and entertainment news, etc. The group has brilliantly revolutionized the media and publishing market of India with groundbreaking digital innovations. It’s also strong force behind various portals and publishing websites as it proudly hosts over 150 million page visitors and page views every month.

Business Challenges

Everyone loves reading morning newspaper with a hot cup of coffee or tea. A majority are occupied with breakfast meetings, rushing to commute, etc. In such lifestyle, leaving the house with a newspaper in hand doesn’t fit in. Also, the age of technology have given individuals a convenient option to get the real-time news anywhere at any time. Individuals prefer e-paper, apps, etc., to get news contents.

Our client was facing one of these issues. Considering, the firm is one of the largest news publishing houses, it had the heavy responsibility of keeping up with the pace of technology. They wanted to offer their users real time news and analytics. Moreover, one of the other prominent issues faced by the client was that their normal functioning required more manual work and resources in a limited period of time. Monthly recruitment, content creation and correction, generation of paper reviews, collecting data from different format like pdf, text, and image, and merging into one was quite painstaking and time consuming task. To overcome this issue, our client came up with the solution of developing e-paper website. Here, not only users will have convenience to read at their hours of preference on their devices, but the firm will also have more automated system rather than heavy manual labor.


A responsive web application was built featuring highly automated process, which would eventually bring down the amount of manual work required. Going digital would also offer users the ease of reading news at anytime and anywhere.


  • User friendly interface which allows diff news to be displayed in diff category
  • High quality images appeals the customers
  • Users can directly search any news in Advance and archival search
  • Common adapter allows generation of various reports
  • Social Media Authentication ensures authenticity of users


The comprehensive projects brought so many challenges on the top of the table that are:
  • The first challenge was to solve source format issue with the help of creating a common schema. Developers were required to come up with a solution which would accept different source file (pdf, word, images, text, InDesign, etc.,) and generate a common structure xml file. To resolve the issue, the team came up with an adapter which would process all kinds of source files into one xml file with the requirement of manual labor.
  • The second challenge that arrived during development was image resolution. Earlier the uploaded image used to turn out as blurry, i.e. lacking image quality, which was a big turn-off because keeping appealing images is a must. To solve this issue, we employed raster graphics image that would enhance the quality of images.
  • The third challenge was to develop a feature, which involved automatic allocation of contents based on locations. To solve this, our developers came up with a solution that would allow any file coming under allocated location service to run automatically followed by processing later.
  • The fourth challenge was to give our client a feature that would enable faster processing in shorter time span. Our client publishes so many editions at once, so it becomes quite difficult to manage all perfectly. Our team used multi-threading concept to solve this issue. With the help of this, our client will be able to process multiple editions as e-papers parallel with lesser chances of errors.


  • Users can get news in real time anywhere
  • Users can select the publication and location of their choice in order to read the newspaper
  • Compatibility with all platforms makes it easier for users to read
  • Eye-catching UI enhances user engagement
  • Easy navigation of the website improves user experience
  • News publication will get the traction of digital users
  • Publication reduces carbon footprints by going digital