All New Google Shopping Campaign Migration


The regular product listing Ads will be replaced with the all new Google Shopping Campaign Migration. The changes will take place in August 2014. The new Shopping campaigns are supposed to give users a greatly simplified campaign management experience. The management experience would be more realistic and advertisers can browse through the feed inventory using AdWords very easily.

Some of the important features of this new shopping campaign management are:

1. Product groups


Shopping campaigns use product groups instead of “product targets”. This makes the search more granular and advertisers can target in a more controlled manner. Well, the main advantage of this system is that advertisers can segment their products by ID, Type, Brand, Category etc. Advertisers can even create groups for products and subdivide these groups to increase efficiency.

2. Expanded reporting


With the new Google Shopping campaigns, you can gain easy understanding for all your numbers and you can easily check clicks, impressions, and conversions etc. that are generated by particular product categories. You can better analyse your product’s performance and get detailed reporting for all your campaigns.

3 Competitive Insights

All New Google Shopping Campaign Migration

With the new Google Shopping campaigns, you get a clear competitive insight into how your products are fairing. It gives you accurate CTR / CPC performance and Impression share at group level. Impression share is important statistic as it helps improve budgets and bidding strategies. It is also expected that a bidding simulator be included in future by Google which will be a great tool for impression volume predictions and ability to change bids as per competitor response.

4. Prioritize Campaign Advertising Same Products

This is an optional feature and will allow you to set priorities for your campaigns. This will also be associated with the bids that will be used to decide whether the ad is to be displayed for a particular query.

Well, many businesses have migrated to the new Google shopping Campaign and some are yet to migrate. It is observed that 85% have migrated to the new system and 15 % will soon follow. Once businesses get accustomed to it, more and more businesses will migrate. Until then, lets try to upgrade as soon as possible and check out the all new Google’s shopping campaign to better manage our ad campaigns.

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