Pratik Roy

Head of Microsoft

20+ years of experience in the field of IT and 10+ years of experience as Delivery Manager

About Pratik Roy

Hi, Pratik here; I am M.Tech(CS), and PMP certified. It’s been over eight years of association with Brainvire. So far, my Brainvire journey has been incredible, and I have tapped on various complex project life cycles, team management, and technological enhancements successfully.

The constantly changing Information Technology field makes my job challenging and engaging simultaneously. Therefore, every moment is precious, and Brainvire has played a significant role in shaping me as a leader.

After working on so many projects, I can easily accept new changes and maintain the core values of Brainvire at the same time. This has led us from a team of 70 to 150+, and together we can deliver highly complex projects effortlessly and on time.

My specialization and expertise in managing Microsoft-based services, ASP.NET Core, SharePoint, Office 365, and Azure Cloud services have won us several quality projects. Besides, I have trained several team members and helped them recognize and work on their skills for better career growth.

Alongside, I also prefer exploring different technologies and reading more about them in my free time.

You can directly contact me for any Microsoft-related queries.

Pratik provides end-to-end solutions for Microsoft based services

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