Saumil Kalaria

Head, Open Source Solutions

15+ Years of Enriched Experience in LAMP Technologies

About Saumil Kalaria

Hello, Saumil here; I hope you are doing great! With a curious mind from childhood, I dived into the pool of technologies and ended up with a B.E. in Information Technology.

I started my career as a PHP developer, senior developer, leader and climbed the ladder to a manager post. Then, in 2012, I stepped in Brainvire for the first time, and there was no going back from here.

To be honest, it has been a power-packed journey because, as a head, I was entitled to look into diverse challenges and simultaneously manage clients. However, my patience and aptitude helped me to overcome all these challenges. Besides, my team and I collectively brainstorm and define processes, plan, execute, and manage challenges to find the appropriate solution.

The constant upgrades and emerging technologies keep me on my toes, and my curious mind is always on the move to explore something new. As a result, my day-to-day routine is never mundane.

Imagine working on unique projects in diverse domains! There’s so much to discover.

As an individual, I love traveling and encountering new experiences in nature, people, and of course, technologies! If you have a similar flair, then do get in touch with me.

Harness the power of LAMP to build high-performing websites.

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