Factors Favoring Mean Stack for Web and Mobile App Development

Combination of four major technologies (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and NodeJS), mean stack is steadily heading to become a desired tool for web and mobile development. It is a powerful, open source JavaScript framework that enables efficient development of dynamic websites and applications. With a powerful suite of testing tools, web and applications development frameworks and a NoSQL database to support, mean stack is definitely a preferred choice of the developers working to build rich web applications and websites to represent businesses effectively. Mean stack development has got number of benefits to offer the developers as well as the enterprises who opt for this technology for their web app development needs. The present article focuses on these benefits that mean stack offers and they are as follows

Factors Favoring Mean Stack for Web and Mobile App Development

  • Live, Real Time Edits:

Web or mobile app development with mean stack allows the developers to perform much quicker and real time edits of the important details of the application.

  • Simplified Work with One Language and a Single Package to Use:

To proceed with mean stack development, one needs to make use of only JavaScript language because all the components of Mean stack are based on this language. Both front and backend works will be simplified under one single package of JS.

Before MEAN, it was LAMP that was popular with the developers. LAMP included four components – Linux (The server), Apache (The web server), MySql (The database) and PHP (The backend platform). It required efficiency in HTML, CSS, SQL and PHP programming skills to develop web applications with LAMP. But with the introduction of MEAN stack this has been greatly simplified and now the developers have got to focus only on a single language and package, The JS.

  • Infinite Ready to Use Modules:

With availability of Node.JS for mean stack development, the developers are ready to take the advantage of ready modules, the modules that are already developed and ready to use for development needs. It has helped developers to save a lot of time which otherwise they would require spending on developing custom modules.

  • Support for MVC Architecture:

Mean stack supports MVC architecture and therefore has lot of advantages for the development of web applications.

  • Open Source means open to the World of Possibilities:

The MEAN components are open source; which means the stack gets updated regularly. It is very easy to use, modify and tweak in order to craft individual preferences for web app development. One can easily develop customized mobile apps or web apps using the mean stack.

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