How Beacons Are Modernizing The Mall Space?

Talking About How Beacons Are Modernizing The Mall Space? Drawing more footfall, increasing conversion ratio and up surging the sales is the uphill battle for the malls! The struggle to sustain, grow and outperform has given birth to the mall digitization.

Before the digitization of malls, the sprawling segment of shopping malls were dying slow death. Analyzing the trend of going hi-tech, the shopping malls have started opting E-commerce store to solve all the problems that malls are facing.

Instead, providing the shopping mall experience to the customers anytime, anywhere won’t enhance the in-mall customer experience. Integrating E-commerce store experience won’t bridge the gap between in-mall customers and shopping malls. How shopping malls can increase the foot traffic, engage in-mall customers, provide information about mall offerings/discounts/offers, or take their experience to next level?

How Beacons Are Modernizing The Mall Space

Here, indoor navigation technology- beacons would work. Let’s first understand what beacon is.

Beacons are the hardware that can be attached with wall or countertop that transmit the messages to the nearby smartphones over Bluetooth connection. As ios app development company focussing on ibeacon as iBeacon are also developed using Bluetooth technology, but there is no separate hardware Apple has built while Apple’s iBeacon technology is integrated in iOS devices itself. Estimote, Swirl, GPShopper, PayPal and Qualcomm are some of the leading manufacturers of beacons across the globe.

According to BI Intelligence, “Beacons would drive $44 billion in retail sales by 2016, up from $4 billion this year.”

The digital technology converging the physical and digital world is slow to catch on, but it’s catching fire due to the amazing benefits it’s bringing to the mall owners.

Talking About How Beacons Are Modernizing The Mall Space? Take a sneak peek inside why beacons are making its way through the shopping malls and engaging which customer’s touch points.

1) At the entrance

As the customer step inside the mall, instead of bombarding offers/discount messages, if they will receive a welcome message alongside their name, it delights them. When customer get happy at the mall entrance, the chances that they make malls happy at the time of exit with shopping.

2) Seamless navigation

In the large malls, getting a way to find any store is quite a task and sometimes, it wastes a good amount of time. Inside the malls, even GPS technology won’t work, thus beacon would be great to look for. Beacons inform the customers where they are and even show the directions for reaching to the next location. Without getting lost in the crowd, customers can locate and reach to any store at fingertips.

3) Entice the shoppers with targeted messages

Pushing multiple marketing messages at once are not as effective as transmitting the messages to the right customers at right time and at right place. Sending the message to the customers when they are just outside the retail store increase the chances of their walk in and hence uplift the sales.

Furthermore, when these messages are customized based on the customer’s demographics and previous purchase history, the chances of customer’s retention get improved.

4) Friction-less payment

Standing in long queues during checkout is the most arduous task that customers find and that’s the place where most of the carts are abandoned. Beacons bust the waiting lines by enabling the customers get the product information on mobile and make contact-less payment.

5) Track user behavior

With beacon technology, malls can find out at which outlet customers have spent how much time and how many times they have visited the outlet. This data give the insights about the customers’ buying behavior and product’s demand. Tracing the behavior, shopping malls can take the decisions accordingly.


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