What Makes Node.JS A Great Choice For Developing Healthcare Applications?

What Makes Node.JS A Great Choice For Developing Healthcare Applications

Talking About What Makes Node.JS A Great Choice For Developing Healthcare Applications? As far as health-related information is concerned, almost 75% of the U.S. inhabitants scroll over the internet to address their queries. This is where healthcare application development comes into the picture. Like all other sectors that are gaining competitive advantage of technology, Healthcare is also in the race to gain the technological advantage. Right from multi-specialty hospitals, start-ups till individual practitioners prefer using smartphones to manage their tasks efficiently. As medical professionals are expected to be ready for any situation, the development of a robust and scalable mobile app offers the best assistance to stay alerted anytime and anywhere.

There are countless ways in which the m-health app can simplify your process, manage the workforce and improve engagement with patients. The possibilities may range from allowing patients to access & organize personal health information, schedule appointments with doctors remote or in-person, conduct video conferences to diagnose disease and lot more. As healthcare technology is constantly impacted by innovations in technology and market changes, it is quite imperative to develop a highly secured, robust and scalable mobile app to give an edge to your competitors. With the availability of multiple technology and development platforms, it’s quite intricate to choose the best among the crowd. So, if you want to develop a scalable, robust and secured m-health app, node.js is the best platform for m-health app development.

Why Node.js?

Talking About What Makes Node.JS A Great Choice For Developing Healthcare Applications? Node.js has become widely popular among developers to build API’s that makes application respond a way faster. Being robust and scalable in nature, it is widely used in the development of real-time applications. There is a huge collection of node.js based applications that are prevalent to offer sustainable performance. Some of the most renowned and popular applications that moved to node.js are:

• LinkedIn re-coded their entire mobile app backend in node.js to experience faster performance.

• PayPal conducted a test where two teams developed identical apps in the different languages: one in Node.js and another in Java and they found that app coded in node.js is 50% faster compared to app coded in Java.

So, if you want to address the needs of the healthcare industry with the right technology that not only results in faster and scalable services but, also leverages best user experience, Node.js is the best development platform to go with.

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How Can Node.Js Base M-Health App Simplify Healthcare Industry?

1. Emergency Assistance through Video Conferencing

Today, there are many m-health applications that offer emergency doctor’s assistance through video-conferencing but the low-level sockets and protocols architecture act as a hindrance; making it difficult for patients to connect with doctors. As the entire application of Node.js is built using event-driven JavaScript architecture, the synchronization process is comparatively fast and orderly; allowing a seamless connection between doctors and patients in critical situations.

2. Faster Access To Nearby Doctors

As Node.JS works with the NoSQL database, it helps in the swift processing of results. This makes it faster for patients to retrieve nearby doctors and consult them in a quick manner.

3. Uncluttered User Experience

In such a competitive era, interactive UI and performance optimization is the need of an hour. An application built with Node.js provides a seamless user experience to patients accessing various application features.

Talking About What Makes Node.JS A Great Choice For Developing Healthcare Applications? With such interactive features, high scalability and robust security Node.js is expected to conquer the Healthcare industry soon. Let’s watch out How Node.js takes the healthcare industry at the next level.