What Lures Industry Behemoths To Use Node.js?

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  • Published On March 1, 2018

  • Updated On May 31, 2021

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You might have a question that what all jewels are treasured in node.js that all mega companies are using it. Below are the points that will help you to understand what node.js is:

  • An open source server framework
  • Implemented on varied platforms – Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, etc)
  • Javascript is used by js at server side

Let’s hear words of the world’s renowned companies regarding node.js.









LinkedIn:   It is a dais where infinite professionals of any domain reside. Here, people can connect with other professional people around the globe. Developed in 24 languages this platform has a mass of more than 450 million members. LinkedIn thumbs up for node.js to capacitate the server side of their mobile app. With plunging mobile use it is necessary to furnish an optimum core that swiftly accomplishes all tasks and it is possible using node.js. As per LinkedIn’s Mobile Development Lead node.js enhanced its platform scalability and seamlessly communicated with other services.

Netflix:  Life is incomplete without this marvelous creation. It is the world’s largest movie and television service, provider. It has a presence in 190 countries. And most amazing thing is that this platform’s vital part that is UI (user interface) has been developed using node.js. This technology has been proven very effective for the Netflix team that they are vouching for it to use in other layers of the stack. Using node.js team achieved lightweight, modularity and speed in the application.

Uber:  This globally established online transportation providing company caters services in 60 countries. Uber implements node.js fully into the production process. Its team has developed an important part of the application that is the matching system. According to team node.js has 3 strengths:

  • Rapid information processing
  • Errors can be addressed in prompt and are received by developers that very minute, the user does not need to restart the system as developers will publish and set up new code within the blink of an eye.
  • As it is an open source framework, its active community constantly optimizes code. Hence, it gets upgraded timely.

eBay: Universally accessed e-commerce site of two types of services that is consumer – to – consumer and business-to-consumer online sales. According to companies Principal Web Engineer, they had two kinds of requirements one was to make platform real time which was only possible if live connections were maintained with server and second was to mount eBay specific services that would showcase information on pages. Both needs were achieved using node.js. Below are the advantages that the team pinned down:

  • Transparency and control
  • Single threading implementation
  • Managing I/O bound activities

So, it can be said that the present and future both are driving Node.js and Node.js website development is going to escalate. Node.js developers’ demand and applications developed using it both are setting and will be continuing trending in the tech market. Apart from the list, there are many big heads like Google, Yahoo, Mozilla, and Microsoft, etc using node.js. We at Brainvire a leading node.js development company can help you to grab the opportunity to curve towards this framework as technology makes room for infinite scope.

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