Reinventing the Concepts of Gardening with Augmented Reality


Most of us love gardening, don’t we?

When the tiny seeds transform into mature plantlets or mammoth trees, our happiness knows no bounds!

However, the things that generally bother us before planning to sow the seeds are the design of the garden, the exotic range of plant varieties to choose from, amongst many other practical considerations.

So, what if I tell you that you can indeed visualize a surreal garden and design or redesign it as you would wish to have it. And all this at your fingertips, in the smartphone!

If you are a tech-savvy person with updates to latest technological advancements, then you know what augmented reality (AR) is all about. If not, it’s definitely worth reading about it.

In this article, we’ll discuss about the concept of smart gardens, what they are exactly, and also AR-based apps that are being used by the landscaping industry on a large scale.

The added bonus will be a real life example of an exclusive app for gardening that has been developed using AR technology

Concept of ‘Smart Garden’ –

A research conducted at Ibaraki University in Japan has stated how AR could help amateur gardeners and farmers to change the picture of gardening and crop cultivation respectively, for the better.

Smart Garden can be used to usher in a modern era in agriculture, known as Precision Agriculture (PA). PA is farming based on real time information about crops being collected through the use of information technology and sensors, and improvising on the cultivation process.

Researchers involved in the study gained leverage from ARToolKit to build smart gardens using AR technology.

AR-based Gardening Apps on the Rise

Since the inception of the concept of AR, AR developers have gone out of their way to embed innovations into inventions by using this excellent piece of technology.

The launch of AR-based apps every now and then bears testimony to this fact.

A niche that has recently caught the attention of AR developers is the gardening, or rather we can say, the landscaping industry.

Many leading landscape architects and maintenance service providers have taken the technological route to engage with their customers. While taking the help of AR technology, they can help customers visualize the products and services in a realistic location.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Well, this was something about the prospects that AR offers.

Now, let’s discuss a real life example of an exclusive mobile app that showcases the prowess of AR technology when it comes to gardening…

Advanced Visualization with Aging Module

Developed by Brainvire InfoTech Inc., the app has proved to be one-stop shop for customers looking to build customised gardens.

The app has been built mainly using ARKit as the core platform, and has a repertoire of different species of shrubs, plants, perennials and trees.

Now, what is the USP of this app?

It’s an aging module that will help users to visualize the landscape after several years!

Also, the plants can be searched through multiple filtering options like drought tolerant, low/medium/high water use, full/partial sun or shade plants, etc.

And it can’t get better than this.

On an End Note –

The AR technology has definitely made life easier for prospective buyers and retailers alike. Talking about the qualities of any product is one thing and feeling them is another.

Sometimes, it becomes necessary that we enter the world of imagination so as to understand the reality.