Some Statistics – Some Basics – And – Just One Advice For Drupal Programmers

Some Statistics – stunning enough to make Drupal what it is today….

2.1% of websites worldwide use Drupal as the backend framework – that’s the power of this content management system. Drupal is known for providing a sophisticated programming interface for Drupal Programmers, at the same time providing a basic and easy to use interface for admins and business owners. It not a wonder that this content management system is growing in popularity by the day. Well, be it personal blogs, corporate websites, government or any othe site – drupal provides for all. That is probably why Drupal developers are in demand too!


There are more than 22900 drupal modules available for a developer to customize and add on to.

As of November 2013, Drupal has a community of 30000 developers working to make it a quality product that meets the requirements of complex content management systems today.

Some Basics – that create a strong foundation for Drupal development….

Drupal Module Development is a way in which you can customize your website and provide your customers with a unique frontend. Drupal basically consists of three different kinds of modules: CORE:These are the modules that come built in with Drupal. These are the one’s that are approved by the community and the core developers. These form the basis of Drupal installation. CONTRIBUTED: Drupal has a strong community backing. Contributed modules are developed by the Drupal community and shared under GNU (Public License). CUSTOM: A skilled Drupal Developer creates modules for specific purposes or specific projects that they are working on. These are custom modules and are generally created for particular websites as per website owners requirements. Other than these, Drupal hooks enable modules to interact with the core.

All this put together creates a great foundation to build upon and create awesome custom modules as per customer’s requirement.

Just One Advice – for drupal module development….

Well, not getting too much into the technicalities of Drupal, there’s just one plain advice for all Drupal Developers. There are over 22,900 drupal modules already (solely from Drupal) – developed for adding on various features for varying website requirements. One growing concern in the Drupal community is the duplication of modules – especially the ones that are not up to the mark. Well, quality in today’s world matters the most. If you are coding – code well – or don’t at all. Your final product should not be just a fix for something. Build it as an absolute solution for something. Rather than building several substandard codes, it’s preferred to build high quality modules and contribute to the Drupal Development community too. So, search for modules first – then start with your project only after considering the value addition to both customers and developers!

That’s right – if you are a developer or are considering to hire drupal developers, ensure that quality is the topmost priority and criteria.

Well, that was all about Drupal, it’s growing popularity and how building a quality module will ultimately work well for you and your clients.