Drupal Development and Agile Software Methodologies

Talking About Drupal Development and Agile Software Methodologies, Agile software methodologies have been around for quite some time now – almost a decade. But not until recently, Scrum methods have gained momentum and are widely used in software development. Drupal development is not far from it. Agile methodologies are used today more and more and Drupal web development is not far behind.

Drupal Development and Agile Software Methodologies

Here are a few simple steps to get you started with Drupal Development – the agile way.

Change your midset – move away from the routine

Embracing changes is important. Agile methodologies will require frequent changes. So, trust in the decisions and ensure that you follow through. It sounds simple. But in reality, agile requires continuous changes and iterations in order to make the final product as per customer requirements. Customers can be involved to provide feedback which is immediately implemented and changes are made. Drupal is flexible an allows developers to make changes and also provides enough space for customization.

Communication within the team

Drupal Development and Agile Software Methodologies

Talking About Drupal Development and Agile Software Methodologies, Well, communication amongst the team members of a Drupal development team is important. Ensure that your team has enough communication and changes made are efficiently communicated. If there isn’t enough communication, errors are bound to happen.


Drupal Developers that are skilled and experienced should not have issues adapting to the new agile methods. If you are looking for the right resources, always select experienced Drupal Developers to do the job. They can very well adapt to the agile methodologies and build successful websites for you.

Develop in small iterations

Ensure that you develop in small iterations or sprints. Make sure that your project is divided into small portions so that each one can be completed and verified and a new portion can be then added. You need to ensure that your project can take up all the changes that come by.

Well, whether it is Custom software development or web development or CMS development, Agile methodologies are not far behind. Adoption new ways for development will prove to be beneficial for you project. With Agile as a new way of development, can speed up your project delivery. You get to see the first look of your project in the early stages of development itself. You can then suggest changes and these changes can be incorporated at any given time in the project lifecycle. Well, Drupal development offers developers with the right kind of flexibility for creating agile projects and developers as well as businesses are turning towards this content management system for more and more agility.

Talking About Drupal Development and Agile Software Methodologies, So, if your project is not a heavyweight and you require a lot of flexibility Drupal could be your choice of content management system for your next web development project!