The Top 7 Wonder Features of the New ASP.NET 5

As we know, the first release of ASP.NET was almost 15 years back! It has been progressing with the constant advancements and developments since then. Now, it has released the ASP.NET 5 version for developing modern web applications which can run on Windows, Linux as well as Mac. The release is an open source web framework which includes the MVC 6 framework that merges the features of MVC and Web API.

ASP.NET 5, a new tool for building web applications is built on .NET core and has built-in support for dependency injection. The new release is up and you can download it to avail all the new amazing features. If you are yet to know about those new features of ASP.NET 5, let us take a look at some of the most important ones…


It lets you attain greater flexibility, as it can run with two runtime environment; .NET core and .NET framework  You can deploy the .NET core in your application, so that your app can run on it and not on the one which is installed in your host OS. Either you can update it or continue running without updating, without affecting other apps. In short it makes the deployment and updating of the runtime easier and that too without affecting other apps. In the .NET Framework, you have got the access to all .NET framework APIs.


Unlike in the previous releases of ASP.NET, the MVC, Web API and web pages are merged into the single programming model so that they can be used together and make a modern website and application.

Dynamic development through Visual Studio 2015

There is a dynamic compilation in Visual Studio 2015, so you do not have to compile every time you want to see the change in your results. All you need to do is edit the code, save the changes and refresh your browser; and you will see the changes automatically. Also, there is integration with the popular web development tools.

Dependency management and cloud ready configuration

In the ASP.NET 5, you can manage the dependencies with the help of the NuGet manager or by editing the JSON file. This lets you update the dependencies even when the applications have been deployed to the cloud. Also, the deployment of the app on the cloud is made easier by removing the use of Web.config file. This lets you request named values from which ever formats you prefer like XML, JSON or environment variables.

Dependency Injection

Although Dependency Injection (DI) is supported in the previous releases of ASP.NET, it wasn’t in the consistent way. So, the ASP.NET 5 gives the built in DI abstraction in the consistent way and that too in the entire web stack.

Fast HTTP performance As the new HTTP request pipeline which is introduced in ASP.Net 5 can add only the useful components, the overhead can be reduced which will help your app to perform faster and better.

Open Source As it is open-source, you can see the code, download it, see when the changes are made and also submit the changes.

Summing up…

The field of ASP.NET application development is advancing at a fast pace. So, if you are into it, it is advisable for you to make the most out of ASP.NET 5. Contact Brainvire a leading dot net development company for web application development.