Top 5 iPhone App Development Trends to Dominate in 2016

World always eagerly waits to watch anything that Apple has to come up with. People always want to make the most out of the latest technologies and they grab it as soon as it hits the market. There is no doubt that Apple products and services have revolutionized the mobile world. The iOS applications contribute the most in increase in the phone usage. The field of iPhone application development is getting advanced at rapid pace. A lot of app trends come and go every year; some tend to change quickly, whereas some tend to stay for years.

Top 5 iPhone app development trends to dominate in 2016

Here are some of the best iPhone application development trends that we will watch in the year 2016…

1. Swift Coding:

Swift was invented last year and it broke into the market with a whole new set of frameworks and methodologies. Since then, it has become a favorite programming language of developers; much talked about amongst them; as it is both; system language as well as an application language. It lets developers write reliable codes with the help of Xcode tools. This language is now widely being used for developing applications for iOS, WatchOS, and tvOS and the same has been predicted to continue in the entire year of 2016. In fact, it has been anticipated that Swift will replace Objective C, of course for the good. Also, it has been heard that Swift 2 has been released with even more developer-friendly features as compared to phone app development and ionic development.

2. Free Apps for All:

As we know people tend to download free apps more than the paid ones. As per the research, more than 75 percent of apps are free and the number is going to be increased to more than 90 percent in the year 2016. The in-app purchases would be the revenue drivers. So, most of the iPhone apps will be free by the end of this year, so that maximum people can download and use them.

3. iBeacon for Geolocating:

Apple has introduced iBeacon to develop smarter applications that show location. The iOS app developers can build even smarter and better eCommerce and mCommerce apps using this feature. However, this year they are going to focus on incorporating this feature in iPhone apps in such a way that it results in lesser draining of battery.

4. iOS9 and App Security:

As very few iOS9 apps were secured, Apple has asked the developers to strengthen the security features; especially in the apps where personal data has to be shared. This will be strengthened even more in iOS10.

5. Focus on M-commerce:

With the increase in the number of mobile users shopping online, iPhone apps for eCommerce and mCommerce will be a huge benefit and a revenue-driver in the year 2016.

Now that you are aware of some of the best iPhone application development trends of 2016, it is highly advisable to keep them in mind and take them into the consideration when getting an iOS app built for your business. You can always spread the word so that maximum people are aware of the latest iPhone app development trends. Contact Brainvire a leading iPhone App Development Company to Hire iPad developers for iPhone Development Services.