Why Businesses Should Turn To JavaScript For Web Development?

Why Businesses Should Turn To JavaScript For Web Development

JavaScript- the open source scripting language is considered as the world’s most elegant programming language. The technology enable reliable website development at speed in a much efficient manner. This is the reason it is considered perfect to rapidly create a prototype for the application.

Even, the famously known MEAN stack is also derived from JavaScript technology only. It’s directly embedded in HTML and used to include message, animations, scrolling text, pop-up windows and menus in the websites.

The potential features of JavaScript made it worth to embrace for web development. Take a look at the positive points that’s making more and more businesses to leverage the technology for their next project:

Why Businesses Should Turn To JavaScript For Web Development

1) Performance:

The only thing in blood-thirsty competition matters is the performance. If the web application fulfills the user’s expectation that they set, then definitely the app will rock. JavaScript web applications fetch the results swiftly whenever a request is made to the server. Even, the app will function better if the same work is done in fewer bytes.

2) Universal Front end Platform:

Yes, no matter what the technology or platform you are using. JavaScript, if used at the backend, then the front-end can be developed for any platform and there will be no issue of website loading speed.

3) Responsive on all devices:

The applications built using JavaScript works well across range of devices. The data of the app can easily fit into every screen of same size and resolution without disrupting the content quality.

4) Interpreted language:

JavaScript is an interpreted language that doesn’t require any compilation. The browser provides the platform independence for java and interprets JavaScript as its HTML tags.

5) Easy learning curve:

JavaScript syntax is close to English language that’s plain-sailing to learn. Using DOM model, JavaScript provides prewritten functionality to the various objects on pages to develop a script due to which solving a custom purpose becomes a breeze.

6) Plain-sailing debug and testing:

Being an interpreted language, JavaScript code is interpreted line by line that makes the process of error finding quite easy. This way, developers can easily hunt the error in the code, correct the code, again run it and then test it.

7) Platform independence:

JavaScript is a platform independent language where any browser that’s JavaScript enabled can understand and interpret the JavaScript code.

8) Procedural capabilities:

JavaScript owns all the capabilities of procedural language that enable the language to provide condition checking, branching and loops functionalities, which can be run in a website.

9) Extended functionality:

Using third party add-ons, developers can extend the website functionality by creating the snippets of JavaScript and then executing it on the intended web page.

10) Event based programming:

Using JavaScript, different code segments can be executed for a certain event. It means, for distinct events like- clicking a button, or moving a mouse over object, different code segments are executed.

The advantages of JavaScript stimulates the businesses to jumpstart their project using the same technology. The technology is quite old-aged, but considered as the best that let the businesses to work like a pro!

The technology will dominate in the future, if you think so, then start leading the market with Full-stack JavaScript development. Share your views in the comments below to let us know what you are thinking to do.