Why Choosing nopCommerce is A Great Idea?

Why Choosing nopCommerce is A Great Idea

Talking About Why Choosing nopCommerce is A Great Idea? NopCommerce is basically an open source eCommerce solution. It’s quite stable and reliable. One should really consider it if they are planning to build a powerful online store. Keeping both an administrative backend and catalog front end, it also has a feature for developing customized and highly efficient shopping cart.

In case you’re talking about shopping carts, in particular, it’s one of the best solutions available in the market. NopCommerce is capable of handling a massively scaled enterprise level website. Moreover, it’s an open source, which means you can get it for free. If not anything else, its record of over 1.5 million downloads boldly cries out its success story.

After carefully observing the capabilities and business requirements of customers, we have listed a few advantages of NopCommerce. Read on.

NopCommerce as Your Platform

Built-In Features

NopCommerce offers multiple built-in features. In fact, it offers you the choice of having multiple stores following the default installation. This allows administrators to operate more than one store using an individual administration panel and distribute catalog data. Multi-vendor support basically enables drop-shipping. This is done so that you do not have to keep a store of any physical inventory. For the purpose of fulfillment, orders are dispatched to vendors. Other aspects included in nopCommerce development are marketing features, content management, and SEO.

Customization and Enhancements

Talking About Why Choosing nopCommerce is A Great Idea? Another key feature of nopCommerce includes its use of plugins and architecture which allows custom layouts, additional functionality, and new elements to be added into the application. The architecture is pluggable modularized, which makes it easy to customize and create your website.


For any website, security is the primary concern. The level of concern increases when the website is dealing with e-commerce. It’s quite simple to establish a secure certificate so all the users can make purchases via HTTPS. Apart from this, the latest version arrives with multiple security enhancements in order to prevent hackers from getting an access to customer data and stealing it.

Multiple Device Support

One of the most significant aspects of any magento ecommerce website is the multiple device support. This refers to the ability to browse through products and purchase them via various devices as a medium. A majority of customers expect your ecommerce website to be flexible, easy with navigation and complete a transaction no matter whether they are browsing the website on their smartphone from a café or on a PC from home. The well-designed template offered by NopCommerce is praised a lot. After all, the responsive template is a must. Appropriate scaling and a perfect content display are very important across various devices and browsers. As a result of this, customers are happy to make more purchases which help in generating repeated sales.

Talking About Why Choosing nopCommerce is A Great Idea? Having nopCommerce as the platform comes with many benefits like listed above. The fact that these features arrive with the ability to add and customize fresh functionalities is icing on the top of a chocolate cake.

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