Why Phonegap Mobile App Development Is Important?

What is PhoneGap?

Talking About Why Phonegap Mobile App Development Is Important? PhoneGap is an open source hybrid mobile application development framework manufactured by Nitobi (which was then later taken over by Adobe Systems in 2011). It allows developers to build hybrid apps for smartphones by using JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3 instead of depending upon platform centric APIs like iOS, Windows or Android. It has the ability to wrap the codes depending upon the platform on which the device is run on. It comes with extended features for HTML & JavaScript (like HTML5). PhoneGap’s core applications use HTML5 and CSS3 for their rendering their information and uses JavaScript for its logic. These applications are hybrid in nature because neither they are native or web apps. They are pet named as “packaged apps” because they are packaged & customized like any other product to be offered to the end consumer. They are then distributed to enterprises & individuals post their development.

Why Phonegap Mobile App Development Is Important

PhoneGap supports cross platform mobile app development for operating systems like Apple iOS, BlackBerry, Google Android, LG webOS, MS Windows OS, Nokia Symbian OS, Tizen (SDK 2.x), Bada, Firefox OS, and Ubuntu Touch to name a few.

Talking About Why Phonegap Mobile App Development Is Important? The User Interface (UI) layer for any PhoneGap app is like a browser which looks similar to Chrome but without any decoration like in a web browser. Its rather a clean HTML content is seen in the window.

So, let’s understand what makes PhoneGap app Development so important for users & enterprises.

1 – Device Detection: PhoneGap’s capability to determine what kind of device the application is running on and the type of features it supports is just an awesome way PhoneGap offers its services to users & a key differentiating factor for the app! 

2 – Geo location Identification: The application determines from where exactly the user is using the application & from which part of the world! It then renders information to its users based on their appropriate location!

3 – Compatibility: The compatibility it offers in cross-platform mobile app development is just great across devices & operating systems! In addition to that, it is compatible with JavaScript tool kits like jQuery Mobile, Sencha Touch & Dojox Mobile thus offering its features all under one roof in smoother app development process for any android and ios app development company.

4 – Better Integration: It offers great integration with internal file systems & web services making it very effective & convenient for users!

5 – Seamless Functionality: Hybrid apps especially apps designed by PhoneGap have the ability to function seamlessly whether the device is connected to the internet or not, thus making it a truly flexible app for users!

6 – Embedded Browser: PhoneGap applications come in with inbuilt browsers embedded in it that power relevant searches & dynamic content to users online!

7 – Leveraged Services: Hybrid apps are cost-effective tools for developers that help them leverage their services through cross-platform mobile app development with reduced costs thus enhancing efficiency.

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