Boost Your Success Chances – Hire Mobile App Developers

The time has gone where the smartphone was a medium for show off only. It’s not a luxury, but it’s a necessity now. The e-commerce world came to know that 25% of online shopping happens through mobiles. In order to hire mobile app developers, one should understand some statistics, mobile architectures and other factors which help to take a decision.
The thought comes in mind that mobile apps are only for big heads like banks, supermarkets like wall mart, Amazon etc. Do you know something that user spends his/her 90% mobile time in mobile apps, not mobile websites? So imagine chances of user buying something.

Need to hire mobile app developers

Mobile apps are everywhere now. Even a shoe retailer or a yoga franchise have their personalized mobile application. This is a big marketing strategy.
Let’s look at some mobile app benefits:

Anytime visibility to the customer:

Mobile apps are handy to the customer. Wherever customer is, he/she can anytime check with the app. If a user is looking for something in mobile, he/she would notice the icon of all available apps. And this can drag user’s attention because of subconscious mind’s power. An app residing in user's mobile can seamlessly drive the user to look in the app and rest would all depend on app’s magic.

Direct marketing B2C:

It’s clear that business person can be directly connected to the user through mobile apps. A businessman can offer different schemes, sales plans, and new arrivals directly to customers. A notification can ping the user to check the offer. At the same time, feedback can also be obtained from the user in order to improve the quality of the business.

Reward a customer

In order to respect user’s loyalty, one can reward the user with some custom made offers, discounts, reward points etc. This would cause more downloads and more business from users.

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Brand building and sustainability

Making a brand is not an easy job. It should be attractive, useful, innovative and user-friendly enough to snatch a customer. But yes, the main USP is that it should be more of interest to the customer, not a company.
Once abr and is created, main struggle starts. In order to retain a customer one has to be in the business very seriously. A customer should look in the app 20 times daily. An app should be that interesting and useful to him. Then and then only, he/she will further give orders.

User-friendly approach

An app should always provide the help or support feature to the customer. No matter how simple is your app, but an app cannot know the mobile phone skills of a user. Along with help/support feature, there should be minimal clicks approach. Within few clicks, the user should reach to his/her destination and apply for an order.

Be the first in competition

Mobile apps in retail are not in good numbers. Sometimes for a specific business, there isn’t any mobile app. So take advantage of such gap. Hire mobile app developers and be the first in the competition.

Less advertising, more connections with customers

The customer is nowadays surrounded with many marketing strategies by different companies and their products. It may be through Facebook, email marketing, banners, flyers, newspaper advertisement etc. So here to say is that connection with the customer is more important. New customers are important but engaging the customer’s loyalty is more important than marketing strategies.
Convinced? Now you know the benefits of mobile app development. Then let’s focus now on how mobile apps are developed.

Mobile application design structure

The application development comprises of many technical concepts:

MVC structure:

MVC – model view and controller.
The model is mainly for the basic class relations to build an application. For example, session handling, data handling etc.
The view is for GUI. All the facilitation and beautification of GUI is managed here.
The controller is basically event handling. It takes help from the model, process the required business logic and sends it to view.

Database abstraction

This is mainly related to ORM (Object Relation Mapping). ORM frees the developer to code for basic setups for data handling. For example, in java JDBC is there. The developer doesn’t have to bother about JDBC syntax because ORM. ORM works like wrapper classes and easy to use.


At development level, many things need to be taken care of like input validation, network authentication, access validation, session management, encryption, exception management and cookies-HTTP header manipulation.

Checklist before going to hire mobile app developers:

Roles and responsibilities

- Must have a relevant degree from a reputed university.
- The life cycle of an application should be fundamentally known to him. This includes analysis, design, code, test, release and support.
- Must be able to design user-friendly
- Coding should be clean enough to deliver functionalities.
- Specific requirements and solutions should be obtained from reliable sources.
- Should be able to write Unit and UI test cases.
- Debugging and troubleshooting an application.
- The application should meet legal and quality software standards.
- Should be aware of new mobile technologies and applications.
- Is updated to the latest technical and business logic details.
- Is aware of OOPs concepts.
- Teamwork
- Ensures successful integration with third party extensions and APIs.
- Can demonstrate an application very well.


To hire mobile app developers, one should always search for quality developers who can, not only understand the m-commerce but can implement m-commerce solutions as well. Mobile web development can be successful only if skilled and hard working developers are behind.


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