Brainvire has Proved Its Technical Prowess by Adding another Satisfied Client to their portfolio.

Business at Brainvire thrived in 2018. Industry leaders from around the world approached them to cater the growing need for consistent growth for their businesses, owing to the professionalism and enthusiasm the teams at Brainvire resonate with.

Warehouse115, one of those clients, is a leading wholesale supplier in the United States with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. After beating the standard results in enhancing the store's shipping system and increased audience reach via digital marketing services, Warehouse115 chose to work with Brainvire once again for migrating their existing store to Magento 2.

Warehouse115 was looking for a solution that had a modern architecture to ensure a faster add-to-cart server response time and faster checkout time. And Magento 2 is the ultimate solution to get started. It comes with numerous powerful features including user-friendly checkout, multiple payment gateways, mobile responsiveness, enhanced page load speed and better customer experience.

The platform, the one previously built by the client, was not responsive. Moreover it did not support cloud-readiness. There were many challenges in creating and maintaining indices. Thus, to modernize the search platform and to meet the needs of contemporary e-commerce, the Brainvire team decided to go with elastic search deployment.

Challenges Involved

Warehouse115 includes a large number of categories, and the team at Brainvire had to do a major restructuring of the store's hierarchy to ensure a structured navigation and flow that appeals natural to the end user.

Another major challenge was to process large volume of data. Team at Brainvire had to follow a careful code review and integration test with a limited amount of data to make sure the design is bug-free.

There was also a fear of previous credentials and authentication problems post migration because the hash update option has not been installed in the migration settings.

End Result

It took a great deal of time and precision to get the work done within timelines and with utmost quality. Eventually, Brainvire's team delivered a contemporary and clean responsive design that offered optimal viewing and enhanced interaction experience across a wide range of devices. There's increase in revenue, click through rate, conversion, customer satisfaction score, and of course a better understanding of customers' journey and how they engage with the services.

The CEO of Brainvire, Mr. Chintan Shah said, "Often client/service provider relationship is taken on very commercial terms. Many are just concerned with delivering with the requirements. But it rarely works like this. Every project changes as you progress through it, hence it is crucial to be flexible. That's what the team of Brainvire did, and as always delivered more than the expected".

About Brainvire

Established in year 2000, Brainvire is a leading IT Solutions company providing high quality service to vast number of companies thereby skyrocketing their productivity and profitability. Its areas of expertise are in, Blockchain Technology, Business Intelligence, Augmented Reality, DevOps, and more.

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