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Sewing Collection Inc. (SCI), a premier industrial packaging supplier, serves businesses of every scale. Their comprehensive product line includes economical options like robust corrugated boxes, cushion foam inserts, and protective wrapping materials. 

Demonstrating a commitment to customer contentment, SCI’s devoted team collaborates closely with B2B and B2C clients, delivering customized packaging solutions at competitive rates.

  • Online Marketplace

  • USA

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Business Goal 

The sewing supplier aimed to enhance its digital presence and streamline its business operations by transitioning to a customized BigCommerce website with cloud-based architecture, enabling real-time updates and comprehensive navigation. Integrated ERP ensures automated internal processes for increased efficiency and expanded business opportunities.

Project Highlights

  • Online marketplace 
  • BigCommerce 
  • Paid marketing
  • Intuitive navigation experience
  • UI/UX

Enhanced UI/UX Experience

Enhanced user experience with a custom-designed BigCommerce website, offering businesses tailored navigation for a comprehensive and seamless purchase journey.
enhanced uiux experience for garment packaging brand

Key Challenges

Integration Challenge

Integrating BigCommerce with Aptean ERP was challenging, requiring seamless connection for operational efficiency.

Data Conversion Precision

Adapting data to the Aptean system’s specific format posed a conversion challenge, demanding precision and accuracy.

Best Practices Alignment

Wanted an SEO, technology, and design best practices for optimal website performance and user experience.

Global ADA Compliance

The client has carved out a niche for itself in the global market but wanted to build a website based on the USA’s ADA compliance.

Our Solution

Tailored solutions for the BigCommerce platform, serving the needs of both enterprises and small-scale vendors.
cloud-based bigcommerce platform for industrial packaging supplies

Resilient Middleware for Seamless Aptean-BigCommerce Connectivity

We implemented a resilient middleware facilitating seamless connectivity between Aptean ERP and BigCommerce. Leveraging a straightforward API, it ensures real-time updates on website activities, product specifics, and order details, enhancing client awareness and operational efficiency.

cloud-based bigcommerce platform for industrial packaging supplies

Data Transformation Framework with Aptean ERP Integration Solution

Our BigCommerce team created a framework and connector to convert data into the system’s accepted format. For instance, specific data undergoes a transformation into JSON format via FTP, stored in our MySQL database, and further processed into an Excel format. This Excel format is seamlessly accessible to the Aptean ERP.

cloud-based bigcommerce platform for industrial packaging supplies

BigCommerce Stencil for Error-Prevention and Enhancement

We utilized BigCommerce stencil customization, incorporating available documents and resources to prevent policy errors. The process enhanced the client’s expectations by emphasizing areas like page customizations, directory structure, custom SAAS functionalities, theme assets, and template customization.

cloud-based bigcommerce platform for industrial packaging supplies

ADA Compliance for Inclusive Web Accessibility Solutions

Our team, familiar with USA’s ADA compliance, meticulously adhered to accessibility guidelines outlined by W3C and WCAG websites, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility standards were met.

Our Approach

We implemented these strategies to attain the desired outcomes for BigCommerce website design focused on sewing collections.



Develop a tailored BigCommerce website with customized features to enhance the sewing supplier's digital presence.


A robust cloud-based architecture to support the BigCommerce website, ensuring scalability, reliability, and efficient data processing.


Devise a comprehensive ERP integration strategy to connect the BigCommerce website with the internal systems seamlessly.


Prioritize user experience by designing an intuitive and comprehensive navigation system on the BigCommerce website.

Technology Stack




Programming Languages






Web Server



Digital Marketing



Key Achievements

  • Omnichannel Experience

    Middleware seamlessly linked BigCommerce and Aptean ERP, ensuring smooth integration.
  • Centralized System

    Aptean ERP is empowering real-time business activity review for informed decision-making.
  • Improved Experience

    BigCommerce stencil customization provided a user experience, enhancing functionality and usability.
  • Better Website Accessibility

    Adhering to USA's ADA compliance, we followed all website accessibility guidelines, maximizing the client's reach.
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