How To Hire The Most Competent Android Developer

There is an huge demand for android developers due to number of applications being developed on this amazing platform which offers enhanced user experience and out-of-the-box features. Varied applications has been developed spanning from gaming to business apps and lots more using Android OS. The enterprises can invest in developing android applications and improve revenue and customer loyalty. Such applications can be developed inhouse or you can hire android developers but before hiring the best competent android developers you need to follow the below steps.

Evaluate your staff for an inhouse developer

Access talent inhouse first. Check with your employees and see if anyone is willing to take up the task of creating an android app. You can also hire freelance developers who might take up your task and create an amazing application for your business. If you have any such employee in your present organization you’ll save money by not having to pay to the freelance developer or any third-party developer.

Effectively advertise your opening

You should effectively advertise your opening for android developer to attract and hire the best one. You can post the android developer’s opening on your website, different forums, online job portals or social media pages. You will start receiving the android applications and make sure to ask the samples of android app they have developed.

Plan budget

If you have planned to hire an outside android programmer figure out a budget. You can keep the budget low by hiring an freelance Mobile app developer or approach an mobile application development company to hire the professional android developer which will usually charge you a little higher for the same android project.

Analyze samples

Check out the sample android apps developed by the applicants. Analyze the working condition of the app and see the functionality if possible. Also you can browse user reviews on the app developed and then shortlist four to five android applications based on the samples provided and experience level you are looking for.

Schedule interviews

Schedule an interview of the shortlisted candidates and check their experience and knowledge in the relevant field and industry. Ask them to explan their application features in detail so that you can gauge an idea whether the applicant is a right fit for your project or not.

Discuss budget and time line

If you have selected any of the android developer work out on the time frame and budget and see how soon he or she can join you. Given their ability, experience, cost etc. they will deliver the best application as per your needs.
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