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Intelligent Email Campaign that Tracks the Success


About Client

The client is an entrepreneur with many successful business ventures in the USA. His company distributes software to the leading businesses to optimize their workflow and operations.He is keen on providing innovative solutions. After a success story of each venture, he takes an exit from the project and moves forward towards another innovation. For years, Brainvire has been supporting the client for various IT requirements.

About Product

The product is a responsive web-based application which makes the sales and marketing person’s job quite easy. The application is all about running an email campaign towards the list of email addresses. But the Application’s USP is its automated smart response & multiple follow up mechanism. Which means it lets you configure follow up or reply emails for defined events along with its scheduling time as well. Plus, it’s equipped with the graphical and statistical representation of data which lets marketer understand the effectiveness of the campaign. Furthermore, it consists of lead identification module with both automated and manual process. The portal is equipped with a functionality of email verification, too with ‘Pay once, use lifetime’ provision.

The portal provides the data to the client regarding the numbers of emails clicked, opened, replied, bounced, or dripped etc. The employee can also set a date and time to run the configured campaign. A marketer can define the team of people with their email addresses to work upon a campaign.There are billing and payment integrations for monthly and yearly subscription plans.

How we did it ?


10,000+ Enrolled Customers

More than 10,000 persons purchased various subscription plans from the client.

24% Increase In Response Ratio

Smart reply generated from automated system delivered a boost in response ratio.

60% Subscription Retention Rate

60% users renewed the subscription because they noticed high sales in their business.

1 million + Emails Sent & $33,500+ Revenue Generated

Automated email campaign runner sent more than 1 million emails and generated $33,500 revenue for the client.

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