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About Client

Client is an ad network company offering expert advertising and publishing solutions to meet the needs of the advertising firms and the publishers. They provide ad solutions to gain monetary benefits by various platforms like mobile, display, video etc.

Business Challenges

Advertising is one of the highly competitive industry sectors in the present era with a number of ad publishing and advertising firms as well as ad networks turning around to provide different advertising solutions for the needs of publishers, advertisers and enterprises.
One of the biggest challenges that the advertising sector today faces is to have the servers with unsurpassable efficiency in delivering bulk advertisements at a time so that the needs of ever-rising marketing and advertising can be sufficed.
In the dynamic advertising scenario, there arises a need for delivering right advertisements at the right time and to the right audience. Hence, it is required that relevant ads are found based on various factors to match with the needs of the target audience and then are displayed to them in shortest time possible.
These challenges in advertising industry were a matter of concern for the client business as well and hence they required an efficient solution to deliver quality advertising and efficient ad publishing solutions.


Brainvire offered an efficient ad server/ad exchange solution to meet the needs of the client. They developed an online marketplace where advertisers and publishers can buy and sell their ad space for efficient advertising.
Here the advertisers can sign up and create advertisements for their business and target them to specific audience on the basis of factors like time to show up the ad, region to target etc. The system could match the ads according to keywords, interests or behavior of specific audience group and display these ads only to the right audience to drive better results.
The advertisements are displayed to the users based on a real time bidding process where each and every impression of the visitors on the ad publisher’s website is subjected to bidding by the advertisers. The ad of advertiser who has bid the highest shall be displayed on the publisher’s website to the specific user.


  • Advertisers can sign up and create advertisements
  • Targeting advertisements to display on a specific required time
  • Displaying advertisements based on targeted keywords
  • Geographical targeting for displaying ads only to the visitors of specific regions or locations
  • Implementing the matching algorithm to show up the ads only to the relevant or the right audience
  • Real time bidding process to display ads of the advertisers who have bid the highest for the ad space on publisher’s website


  • Advertisers and publishers can easily buy and sell ad space online
  • Only the best advertisements are displayed to the right audience
  • Advertisements can be displayed on specific time and in specific geographical locations based on advertiser’s needs
  • Real time bidding enables advertisers to show up their ads on specific website according to their needs