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About Client

The client is a digital marketing and consulting firm that provides effective marketing and data monetization strategies to affiliate marketers and networks, online education companies, e-commerce retailers, non-profit organizations, software development companies, and other innovative organizations.

Business Challenges

The client wanted to spread awareness among the companies that they can generate revenue from their data or information assets. They wanted to establish their online presence so that everyone in outside world can get an easy access to their data monetization training resources and learn ways to generate revenue from their business data right through online. They wanted to develop an efficient CMS platform that allowed them for efficient management of training resources.


Brainvire team developed an appealing WordPress based CMS solution for the client so that they can promote and sell their monetizing services and training resources online. The website was developed with extensive features for monetization training resources selling and management, campaign management and much more.
They developed and integrated a unique plugin that allowed the users to become the members of the website and get access to the monetization training videos, workshops and other resources. The WordPress website was developed to enables the users to download training resources like PDF documents for free of cost while the monetization training videos are required to be purchased.


  • Developing WordPress CMS system from scratch with custom modules
  • Development and complete customization of membership plugin according to client’s requirements
  • Allowing purchase of multiple videos by a single user
  • Maintain the previous purchased data of the user such that it does not get deleted or overwritten in spite of a new purchase
  • Development of modules for member profile management, payment ad check out processes


  • Easy to browse and find the data monetization training resources
  • Users can easily sign up and become members
  • Members may purchase single or multiple training videos
  • Easy tracking of all the previous purchase data of the user
  • Easy buying experience with convenient payment and check out process