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Web Application
Symfony 2.8
AngularJS 2.0

About Client

The client is in the business of lead generation and campaign development who collects the leads from different sources, qualifies and then provides to the end customer. The company is into the leads brokerage market and employs FTP and APIs for implementing the leads collection and delivery.

Business Challenges

In order to manage the online leads buying and selling process efficiently, the client required an online tool. They required an efficient leads management system to implement the leads purchase and selling process online. The platform should be able to qualify the leads and then serve them to the end customer based on their requirement.


In order to provide exceptional user experiences and easy management of huge data, Brainvire team developed a user-friendly web application or an online lead management portal for the client using the cut-edge technologies like Symfony, MongoDB, AngularJS and Messaging Queue (RabittMQ). The application helped client to easily and efficiently manage their leads trading process online. It enabled them to gather the leads from various third parties using APIs or FTP and served them to the customers in the form of API or FTP or integrated with 3 rd party CRM like Aweber, iContact and GetResponse, based on their requirements. The web portal enabled the client to:
  • Get leads from different sources
  • Define custom lead templates according to their needs
  • Implement data hygiene through SIFT LOGIC API to qualify the lead
  • Generate reports
  • Integrate easy payment methods like PayPal and Braintree
  • Provide automatic billing for their customers
  • Create sub admin user who can perform all the operations just like admin except the monetary transactions
  • Enable their customers to purchase leads and make online payments


  • Defining the database structure and the lead templates
  • Enabling admin to custom define their lead templates
  • Automating the leads acceptance process such that the application can automatically accept the leads from the different vendors
  • CRON job management
  • Implementation of automatic customer billing process
  • Implementing the customer purchase tracking feature
  • Handling millions of database records without actually impacting the performance of the application


  • Developed a platform that can efficiently handle millions of data with the same performance as per requirement
  • Achieved more than standard performance matrices for leads management marketplace
  • Tuned loading and performance time of the system for peak performance
  • The system can track each and every process and alert the admin in case of any problem or malfunctioning
  • Integration with SIFT logic and other hygiene providers and make a check for multi million records