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About Client

The Canada based client runs a company where influential speakers, radio hosts, trainers and others provide the professional training and the personality development lectures to let the people know how to gain success in their respective works. The hundreds of thought leaders have increased the reach to 10 millions of people to influence the positive change.

Business Challenges

The globalcompany already hasa rich userbase of 50,947,697 people. To bring the transformation in the world, the leading personalities organize local or international events where even other leaders are given the chance to speak and grow their reach in the world. Without taking the company presence to online, increasing the network and informing the people about the events at large scale was implausible.The client wanted to craft a WordPress website and teamed up with Brainvire to achieve the same.


The WordPress based, membership management portal was developed where the information about different types of membership and events to organize at different locations worldwide is displayed.


  • Users can apply for different types of the membership
  • The list of events and their details are displayed
  • Users can register for any event in a few clicks
  • SSL integration to make the website secured
  • Existing data is securely transferred and uploaded
  • Business blogs are showcased to improve the work or business performance
  • Numerous awards given by the company to the members are exhibited


  • Businesses expectations are exceeded with increased reach
  • Gaining access to the influential leaders’ network becomes handy
  • Training empowers the members’professional lives
  • The web app performs at optimum speed
  • Enhanced UI improved the browsing experience
  • The company is recognized as one of the best evolutionary community globally