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About Client

The client is one of the leading contributors to the most important digital and technology event of the world where thousands of the exhibitors across the globe came to showcase how they are reinventing the realities leveraging cutting edge technology. Moreover, the global investors would find the new startups and the tech experts give the presentation over real case studies.

Business Challenges

Although the event is already considered as one of the well-renowned events in the digital era, but the client wanted to promote the event on a larger scale and let the attendees aware of every information related to the event in a few clicks or at the fingertips. To fulfill the objective, the client wanted to build a website and a mobile application to enable the info gets available across all the devices.


The web and mobile were engineered for the event that helps the attendees to access, browse and manage the event agenda on-the-go.


  • Users can access the event agenda anywhere and anytime
  • Manage the profile, even while traveling
  • Display the day-wise business event information
  • Users can keep themselves informed by setting the agenda event reminders
  • Push notifications are sent to notify the user about the upcoming event or any changes to the business events
  • Direct access to the marketing collaterals, event specific documents or pdf’s pertaining to technology or industry solutions which are going to be showcased at the event
  • The gallery displays the images of an event day-wise
  • Users are allowed to browse and upload the images
  • Request any company or exhibitor for a meeting by sending the name, email id, and topic
  • Cross-platform compatibility for both Android and iOS


  • Helps attendees to easily plan their schedules
  • Enable event navigation without being physically available
  • Contacting the event exhibitor becomes handy
  • Elevated the interactions among speakers and attendees
  • Created a professional network of the leading companies, startups, and investors
  • Attendees would have access to hard-to-find event’s comprehensive details