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Brainvire is a leading company that stands out when it comes to the mobile app, web app, and game app development leveraging advanced technology. The best maestros engineer the game applications with craftsmanship that delights the customers and lets them have fun. The range of mobile applications for the multitude of devices across different platforms- Android, iOS, and Windows are tailor-made based on business needs. The company boasts of building such game apps that have garnered millions of downloads.

Business Challenges

Crafting a game application that gives exhilarating experience to the users, thrive them and at the same time boost their intellectual level are less often available in the app stores. The company came up with an idea of building an app that helps users in testing the speed at which the brain works alongside let them have fun.


To shape the idea into a real game application, the best gamers developed the app where at the beginning of the game, a number is given to the users that they have to keep in mind. Later, a set of tiles would appear one after another where the users have to spot and tap the same number that’s shown to them at first. The game will continue for 30 seconds in which users can score maximum 100 points. It is presumed that only genius can make such high score, which is just 1 percent of the total population.


  • Players can gain the points just by tapping the numbers at speed
  • Leaderboard displays the users’ game score
  • Players can compare the score with other players globally on the leaderboard
  • Social media channel integration
  • Players can share the score on social media
  • Players can rate and provide reviews about the game
  • Intuitive ease the users in spotting the numbers
  • The background music keeps on playing that users can turn off or on


  • Test the speed at which players reflexes
  • Score comparison helps the players to know at what level they are
  • Score sharing encourages the users to keep playing the game
  • Soothing music reduces the players’ anxiety

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Chad Gundry, the CEO of says that he has worked extensively with Brainvire team since last 6 to 7...
Mr. Chad Gundry
When the world was moving at a very speedy pace, Brainvire helped us stay connected. Thanks to their unique services...
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If you're starting a new business or want to upgrade an existing site, I strongly recommend Brainvire. The employees are...
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Just wanted to say massive thanks for all the help from the Brainvire team. After years of having a website...
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Brainvire is a professional company with professional developers who understand the problems that we are facing as a company. Outsourcing...
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