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About Client

The client is a leading UK-based financial institution that’s headquartered in London and considered as one of the oldest banks in the UK. The organization is listed on the London stock exchange and New York stock exchange. After a series of merging, the bank presently renowned as one of the largest banks, which is having familiarity with more than one million businesses via the portfolio of the brands.

Business Challenges

A large amount of data is generated internally in the organization that cannot be made accessible to all the employees. That’s where defining the roles and responsibilities to define data access levels was necessary and also to know what every individual is doing with the data. For the better governance of the data items captured, the client wanted an online portal from where the catalog and documentation can be centrally managed.


The online portal was developed from where the data access levels can be defined and the data can be easily governed and managed centrally without any hassle.


  • Enforce right roles and responsibilities to the data access
  • Catalogue that holds those data items that have been brought under governance
  • Allow users to search the catalogue and browse the information, DQ standards and the associated data roles and responsibilities
  • Supports the department in processing changes to data in a controlled and transparent manner
  • Provide visibility around what data is being governed by maintaining and publishing a data governance catalogue
  • For every catalogue, the components are defined that can be primary, mandatory or normal components
  • The components define the structure of the catalogue items and based on that the data will be stored for those Catalogue items
  • Members can view or download data from the portal, based on their need
  • Allow members to subscribe to public catalogue items as an email or system
  • Subscribers get the update of new changes or addition of data into the catalogue item based on the type of subscription


The comprehensive project brought so many challenges on the top of the table that our proficient team solved. They are:

1) The practice of bringing clarity around data and ensuring that the right roles and responsibilities are captured and enforced. Also, processing changes to the data in a controlled and transparent manner was a challenge.
2) Scalability is a key consideration. One needs to envisage the number of catalogue items to grow to a thousand items across many different versions. More importantly, the portal is likely to evolve into a data HUB with automated processes around sourcing (intake), transforming and distributing data.
3) Creating versions and reverting version is a key challenge of the project. All operations on catalogue are carried out on WC of the catalogue; once finalized, those changes to be frizzed and a new version can be created in the system. At any point of time, if needed, WC can be reverted to the latest version of the catalogue.
4) The system should be easily configurable for different languages so there should be control to update the site labels and static contents in the desired language. Multilingual support will only be deployed for one particular language.
5) Ensuring complex relation between the data and its consistency. Each entity or information is being used at various places and in conjunction with other information. Showing most relevant information at various places with a clear way of presentation is the main challenge as almost all information is similar to the different entities.


  • The scalable app ensures the robust security
  • The organization workflow is improved
  • Flexible in accessing, capturing and uploading of the data
  • Increase the transparency of data flow and the processes