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About Client

The USA-based client is working as a hiring manager at a global financial services company and has years of experience in the talent acquisition. He is always geared up to solve the business recruitment and job seekers’ need leveraging advanced technology and the available resources.

Business Challenges

As the issue of unemployment is rising, for a single vacant position, more than ten people were applying for the same. The availability of many job portals also unable to help the people to get the right position and companies get the right prospect in a shorter span. Moreover, the increased layoffs and high transition time were making the situation even worse. To serve the unmet need of the job seekers and the market, the client came up with an idea of creating a job portal that helps individuals to get the job quickly and reduce the job transition time. Be it, college to help students, the companies to displace the employees or the outplacement agencies.


The job transition platform was developed that’s integrated with advanced technologies and the platforms to better serve the job seekers and the companies looking for the right candidate. It automates the job search and organizes the way companies hire the employees.


  • Companies can save the prospect’s info in both automated or manual way with toolbar implementation
  • Allows colleges to add, view or modify the job applications and its details.
  • Colleges or career centers can upload the multiple resumes, cover letter and other documents simultaneously
  • The app automatically tracks and manage the job applications
  • The system applies for the suitable job in an automated fashion or with a few clicks
  • Job seekers can view the interview ratings, status and various responses received
  • Job seekers can enter the task and goal for each job
  • Help the job seekers to know about the deficiencies in the resume, areas of improvement and make the suggestions to improve the information
  • Extensive research displays the top companies and popular job titles in the top countries
  • Social media integration to widen the network


  • Help employees to land a job more quickly
  • Reduce the job transition time
  • Lessen the severance cost for the organizations
  • No repetitive or multiple forms filling task involved
  • Helping the job seekers from proper resume creation to the companies response like no other