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ASP.Net 3.5
MS-SQL Server 2008

About Client

Our client based in the USA is a pioneer learning material and teaching services provider that aims to improve the students’ learning experience with online, on-campus and blended courses. Different courses are designed, developed and delivered on demand, and the faculty services are provided alongside state-of- the-art infrastructure.
To improve the teaching efficiency, the client also encourages the research and experimentation with new technology, develop media, and make use of in-classroom technology resources.

Business Challenges

In the teaching institute, assignments are given to the students to complete in a group. In a group, it is observed that all the students won’t make equal efforts, while in the extreme cases, just one or two made the efforts and others won’t work at all. This way assessing the individual students’ efforts was an arduous task.

Also, manually collecting the ratings from every group about every students’ effort made for different course’s assignments and then taking out the average of it was a damn long process.

The client wanted to get built an online solution where students can provide the rating on how every student in their group has worked together on a project, and the overall ratings can be computed automatically.


The digital peer evaluation application was developed that enables faculty to choose any of the available templates- long or short and can customize it with the questions for the evaluation efforts. The students would provide their anonymous answers and submit the form.


  • Faculty define the KRA and KPI for different types of the projects
  • Existing template can be re-used for further evaluation tests
  • The questions asked can be close ended or open ended
  • Smart scheduler enables the faculty to pre-schedule the evaluation test
  • All the forms are submitted at a single place so no hassle of handling individual emails
  • A reminder is sent to the students who forgot to submit the feedback form
  • The data can be easily uploaded through excel
  • Reports are generated showcasing the average ratings of the efforts made by the students


For the 360° evaluation of the students, average ratings have to be computed so that the efforts made and performance of individual students in a group project can be assessed at ease. This was difficult to implement. The .NET team using best logics and algorithms integrated the feature with which the faculty is able to quantify the individual contribution in the group assignment.


  • The group efforts’ assessment becomes dynamic and clear
  • Encourage teamwork and team spirit in the students
  • Self and peer ratings give the insights about what’s going on in the group
  • Auto-assessment saves a lot of time and efforts