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About Client

The client is a leading entrepreneur who has done Masters in Business Administration with a major in Finance. Alongside he carries a lot of experience into stock trading and stock options, equity options, securities and so on to maximize the profits.

Business Challenges

Trading in stocks, commodities and currency always lure the trading enthusiasts.

During trading, the client has analyzed a problem that the amateur traders or professionals due to the unavailability of the accurate information about market condition, fail to cash in on the trades. Also, manually recording the trades, and measuring and comparing the trades’ result of different exchanges was time consuming and too long.

He came up with an idea of building a solution that helps traders to manage and auto-record all the trades, monitor and compare how the trades would perform, and that provides real-time updates under one umbrella.


The web-based stock trading application was engineered that assist the people who want to trade in options on the stock market and manage their options portfolio at ease. The app bolsters the trading skills of the trading professionals and enable MTM (marked to market) profit and loss tracking on a day to day basis for a user with NSE data.


  • Provide exact information 24/7
  • Traders can add their devised strategy for NSE or MCX exchange
  • Analyze the minimum lot size for Greeks, underlying, target, stop-loss and profit margin
  • Payoff chart displays the break-even point and profit/loss levels
  • Delta, gamma, theta and Vega of all strike prices is computed
  • Scenario calculator helps to find the theoretical price of options at different prices and IVs
  • 40 strategies auto-populate the strikes
  • The strategies that traders plan can be viewed in the form of Google graphs
  • Historical volatile of all the stocks can be compared with Implied volatiles
  • The wide range of assets helps in creating a personalized portfolio
  • Broker neutral app enables traders to plan their trade and email the same to their broker
  • Alerts are sent when stop loss or target levels are achieved
  • Traders can browse the historical data of previous trades


In the comprehensive application, various reports for stocks trading are generated that contains the real-time stock value, which has to be showcased to the traders in real-time that was difficult to accomplish.

The reason is every minute NSE provides new data that have to be fetched from NSE FTP, and then the files are downloaded and parsed for all the underlying. Later, all the MTM prices and P&Ls and greeks are updated in the tables where the complete old data is replaced by the new data. Finally, HV table is updated for all the underlying using standard deviation formula.

Best algorithms are created for complex data display and option so that traders will get the updated data in a matter of seconds.


  • The managing Options portfolio becomes handy
  • Up-to-date info enables traders to not miss out any profit making opportunity
  • Trade automation saves a lot of time and efforts
  • Traders can make the timely decision
  • Traders can easily identify the selected strategy success