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About Client

Brainvire is one of the behemoths in the IT service providers that engineers the myriad of solutions catering diverse industry vertical needs. In a short span of 6 years, the company has built thousands of mobile and web projects leveraging cutting-edge technology and resources. Besides, the company always stands at the first when it comes to experimenting with innovative technology to deliver the solution that fulfills the business needs.

Business Challenges

The company has observed that in this modern era, after working for a long time at the workplace, the people have less time to meet or socialize with their friends and relatives. The physical distance actually brings the distances in the relations. So, how the people can make stay connected with the loved ones or friends in this fast-paced world. The unmet need gave an idea to the company to create a social networking application where the people can track and locate the friend’s activity no matter where they are, and connect with them.


Pinlogue, the social travel application was developed that allow people to meet the new people or their friends through location, photos, or videos sharing or posting the new updates.


  • Users can create the group, including any number of friends
  • Users can join any group based on the interest
  • Sync the Facebook and Phone book contacts with the app
  • Online and offline people search capabilities
  • The database of millions of users
  • Get the friends updates every minute at the fingertips
  • The virtual diary where you will find all the cherishing moments of your life
  • Allow the users to invite the Facebook friends
  • Intuitive UI and graphics
  • Groupins help in inviting and connecting with your friends
  • Hapins let users share their best moments
  • Mapins aids in catching friends on the map view


  • Help in discovering people in your life all in one place
  • Showcase your friends how you are living
  • Strengthen the personal and professional connections
  • Tracking friend’s location becomes handy
  • Aids in stay connected with the closed ones