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About Client

The USA based client is a foremost entrepreneur with a strong background in personnel management, logistics management, sales, with specialization in marketing, campaign creation, and management. In a shorter span, he has found many startups and new ventures that are still running successfully.

Business Challenges

In 2004, the client who believes in making things out of the thin air has analyzed that music or party lovers find it difficult to know about and connect with the best restaurant, nightlife, off-the-beaten music, bars and more. Also, informing the friends or the public about the event or any new opening was difficult for the organizers, restaurateurs or the bar owners. The need sparked an idea in the client’s mind to create a digital solution that connects and guides the people about music events, parties or the newest restaurants in the major cities alongside the exclusive deals if anyone is offering.


The community portal was developed that informs the people about the events or exclusive deals and connect them socially with other people who were traveling to San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, New York, Chicago and beyond.


  • Allow the users to create the profile and connect with the friends
  • Users can search for the best hookups to restaurants, bars, nightlife, music, party destinations
  • Help people to communicate with old friends and meet new friends
  • Enable users to share photos, post comments, and describe their interests
  • A rundown of the best in music, food, drinks and culture is sent to the users every week
  • Send the selected invitations to client’s private parties
  • Businesses or organizers can promote the event or place with online marketing
  • Help brands to run the marketing campaign with online advertising


  • The complete guide for music lovers, leisure advocates and party connoisseurs
  • Increase customers’ outreach
  • Build brand awareness and customer interaction
  • Enhance the customer engagement
  • Social connectivity improves the traffic volume to the events or place