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About product

The product is an automated PPC (Pay per Click) management system for the advertisers to manage their accounts online. The product is a website which also offers automation of different bidding and revenuer generation systems.

Business Challenges

The client required a PPC management module where users can access their accounts, participate in different bidding for various search engines and also basic functionalities for PPC. The client wanted an application with two automated systems- Bid automation and ROI automation.


Within the span of 4 months, the Brainvire team developed a secure and full-fledged application of PPC management. The developers managed the entire gamut of PPC advertising related activities successfully by handling all the user accounts, advanced analytics and bid & ROI automation amongst others. Personalised account features included customizable search engines, different indexing facilities, complex conversion tracking, and intricate billing details and enhanced management of quota units. Various keyword-related enhancements like keyword research, bidding, scheduling, day parting and retargeting were incorporated to increase the productivity of Bid Automation.The advanced analytics included detailed performance reports for all the aspects of PPC management and an exhaustive competitor analysis. The system excelled at offering advanced ROI automation options in addition to a Bulletin forum.

Activities Done

  • Fully functional website for complete PPC management
  • Link to PPC accounts to Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines
  • Participation in bidding for PPC accounts for different search engines and control of bidding budget through a unique single system
  • Tracking of success of individual PPC advertising and accounts
  • Bid automation – Jamming, surfing and shadowing
  • ROI automation – setting of metrics such as CPA, CPC and CPT
  • Detailed performance report
  • Bulletin forum


  • Fully functional website of PPC management has provided a common platform to its users for opting for advertising and bidding for it.
  • The application empowered the client with the automation of bidding and ROI.
  • A client’s revenue is increased because of direct connection to various search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and others.
  • The application enables the users with the provision of various performance monitoring reports.
  • A bulletin forum envisages the future market possibilities.
  • A secure and robust architecture has resulted in the scope of future scalability of an application.