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An Automated Email and SMS Campaigning Solution for a Leading Insurance Provider Based in US


About Client

The client is a trusted insurance service provider in the US region and running Marketing campaigns for the same, however in a manual fashion. Hence an automated solution was needed to accomplish the required push in current processes.

About Product

The client’s prime objective was to blend its business processes with automation and scale up its marketing campaigns. The Brainvire team, with its innovative working style, rolled out a CRM-based SMS and Email campaigning solution. Also, the system framework was developed in such a manner that it would automatically generate reports based on the end-customer’s responses towards the campaigns.

How we did it ?


Setup and Use Recurring Target list

Client was able to setup different target lists according to different parameters such as location, age group of targets and then repeatedly use these lists in multiple campaigns.

Smooth Campaigning

Multiple campaigns can be scheduled when needed, avoid any cross-over automatically and hence streamlining the entire process.

Understanding Customers’ Mind-set

The generated reports gave deeper insights of customer’s response frequency on sms and emails. The powerful tracker URL system captures each time the campaign was viewed, providing the website URL clicked. Even if someone opted out the activity, it will be recorded in the CRM and further follow-up for the target can be done with new strategies.

Boost in Leads

Successful campaigns will result in a database of leads that can be potential clients who can generate tremendous business in the future.

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