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About Client

Client is the leading News, Media and Entertainment group in India. The company leads the newspaper print business in the country and has its significant presence in various forms of media like TV, magazines, radio etc. The group owns some of the India’s most popular news and entertainment establishments like the leading newspaper, the leading TV news channel, the largest FM radio network, various magazines and an entertainment channel as well.

Business Challenges

The client sourced raw materials for their newspaper printing needs from a supplier and hence, had to properly schedule and plan all the raw material sourcing activities in advance to suffice their regular printing needs.

They followed a conventional approach for order placing and overall order data management for newspaper printing planning and scheduling activities. All the activities right from placing an order to supplier, managing the orders’ details, scheduling the delayed orders and order shipment from the supplier, were communicated and managed through excel sheets, mail conversions and word documents. This was rather a difficult and time consuming process and hence, client wanted a web based application to automate its process of newspaper printing planning and scheduling.

They wanted to develop an automated system which can help them automate and speed up this entire process. The required a centralized management system which can collect the data from all of their branches across the world and centrally manage this detailed information at one location. The applications should help the users to manage the printing material demand and supply ratio across the entire organization and cater to the requirements of their staff as well as the suppliers or vendors.


Brainvire team developed a completely customized ASP.NET MVC application best inclined with the client’s requirements. The web application was integrated with SAP for automatic collection of all the data (master data, quantitative data and cost/rate data) and to create automated future planning and scheduling process for news printing. Data like the vendor quotations or rates was imported from SAP and managed separately in the application. The application allowed the users to generate different graphical reports according to their needs using SSRS tool.


  • Complete automation of news print planning and scheduling process
  • Integration of web application with SAP module and using SAP masters for development
  • Provided real-time access to all the data to internal users
  • Implementing SSRS tools for generation of graphical reports
  • Providing easy access to the detailed information about the news printing across all the units of the organization from all over the world
  • Complete data security through implementation of data access permissions based on the user roles
  • Developing modules such as a branch user, planner, central user, client with respective functionality and application access


  • Ensured hassle-free management and easy access to the up-to-date data including the order data, master data, quantity data and cost data for the news print planning process through centralized management process
  • SAP and SSRS integration for capturing data or information like material shipping details, advance documents, consumption, etc. from various branches across the globe and displaying in graphical reports to the users


  • Automatic and easy newsprint planning and scheduling across all the branches
  • Easy to manage/calculate material demand to supply ratio
  • Fast, easy and centralized access to the master data and all the data related to shipments, costs, quantity sourced etc., related to all the branches of the organization for the specific users