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About Client

Client is the founder of a leading entertainment agency in India that offers a comprehensive range of services right from publicity design to media buying, theatrical trailers to in-film placements and advertising to talent management.

Business Challenges

The client’s background in journalism and his experience as a film-critic for newspaper groups, made him to start up an online venture of his own where the entertainment lovers can find out all sort of information related to Hindi film industry, the Bollywood actors and their movies, latest upcoming movies and more.
Adhering to the present day competition in the entertainment news industry, the client wanted to have a new website with lot of compelling features in order to get the attention of the readers who are keen to read about the latest happenings in the entertainment and film industry.
They were looking for a dynamic entertainment news website where one can carry out complex and completely customized searches to find out any sort of film industry information whether it is celebrity information, information about any film events, present, past and upcoming movies and music and also articles and much more.


Considering the client’s needs, it was appropriate to implement a reliable content management system which can allow the client to manage the film industry posts on a regular basis and that too easily without any help. What better than WordPress for content management? Hence, the team of developers planned to develop the website using the most user friendly features of WordPress so that the client can easily post, manage and keep their website content updated according to the latest happenings in the film industry. The website was built with a perspective to get the best attention from the users with the most appealing front end design and search engine friendliness.


  • User friendly CMS development for enabling easy and fast content updates and management
  • Implementing category-wise search functionality to allow the users search for movies, artists, videos, images, news and reviews
  • Customized website theme design according to client requirements
  • Exporting news feeds to Yahoo, MSN and AOL
  • Implementing search engine friendly website URL structure to make the website rank better in the search engines
  • Ensure the reduced loading time for the website with lot of high-quality videos and images
  • Image repository updates and management
  • Collecting all the inter-related information from the database like information about actors, directors, crews and other persons of a movie and displaying it for better knowledge of the readers
  • Fast and accurate information search according to user requirements


  • A user friendly website that allows for easy updates and content management
  • Best website loading time ensured in spite of the uncompromised images and video quality
  • Website that ranks better in search engines and is easily accessible to the users
  • Easy information search to help users find what they are looking for, in a hassle-free manner
  • Easily enter new stories or articles from the backend and manage inter relationship as well
  • Showcase movie reviews in Google’s recommendation result
  • Browser based notification for users