Apple Sends Out Invitations To The Media To Attend September 10 Event – It’s Official!

Mark your calendar for coming Tuesday, 10th of this month. Apple has recently sent invitations to the media to attend a news event scheduled by this tech giant, where we all are expecting to see announcements of new products including the next generation iPhone 5S.

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It’s official and confirmed that Apple is going to unveil most anticipated and rumored iPhone 5S in this event.  The company is going to unveil entire its future Smartphone lines in coming Tuesday, where media will be able to get a glimpse of both the flagship iPhone 5S and the all new budget-friendly version of the iPhone, called iPhone 5C.

So, what to expect on 10th of September? If we believe on, the announcement of a new iPhone is a sure-shoot highlight of this event, but what you’re expecting from the coming iPhone models? Whether it will be iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C or even both, people are expecting a lot more. So, let’s take a look the possible features that diehard iPhone fans will be able to see in the generation-next iPhone models, which are going to be unveiled in this event.

What you can expect in the iPhone 5S???

  • Recent prediction or rumours about iPhone 5S clearly indicate that this future product will run on the iOS 7. Many trade analysts further predict that the new iPhone 5S is going to have a super HD screen display. On the other hand, The China Times says that a “Touch On Display” panel is being developed by Taiwanese supplier Innoulx with 10 point multi-touch and 0.5 mm thickness.
  • When it comes to the iPhone 5S casing, it is quite confusing to predict what it could be. Some analyst believe that the new iPhone will come in different sizes, but there are no such signs from the company.
  • It is predicted that the iPhone 5S would support the same design as the iPhone 5, but the only difference is that it will bring beefier camera and a larger flash on the back. Moreover, the camera would be of 13 MP, which is quite impressive.
  • Get ready for wireless charging! According to the CP Tech, Apple has recently filed a patent application for wireless power utilization, which means users will get wireless charging with this new product from Apple.

What about the iPhone 5C???

iPhone 5C is one of the most interesting and exciting aspect for many of the iPhone users as it is an attempt from tech giant to introduce lower priced model of its popular brand iPhone. It has been predicted that the specification of this future and cheaper device is similar to that of the existing iPhone 5.

  • First and most interesting thing to know about the iPhone 5C is that C stands for “Colors”. So, you may expect different cases for this new device from the Apple.
  • When it comes to display or screen resolution, iPhone 5C is going to have the same 4-inch screen from the current iPhone 5.
  • The device will support 1GB of RAM, 8MP rear camera and may use the A5 chip.

Both, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, is going to run on iOS7 operating system and it has been predicted that Apple may unveil iPhone 5C just after introducing iPhone 5S in the event scheduled on 10th of September. What’s your take on this? Do you think Apple will introduce both of these products within such a short period of time? Share your views in the comments…!