Artificial Intelligence: Top Trends and Predictions


As the year 2019 has approached, we are expecting a lot of major changes in just about every domain, every industry, owing to Artificial Intelligence. We are already aware of the immense potential that this technology holds for businesses – whether it’s engaging with customers, making processes more efficient and simpler, or bringing in more revenue.

With the popularity of AI-powered tools and technologies, the most popular probably being chatbots, what should people be expecting it in 2019?

Let’s take a look at the top 3 AI trends one should look out for this year…

Smarter Recommendations, Better Shopping Experience

Ecommerce development has been on a roll since people discovered their homes could be trial rooms, and online surfing was the new window shopping. With artificial intelligence, we now get recommendations based on a recent online purchase or browsed item!

In 2019, we should brace ourselves for even better, smarter recommendations. We’re expecting AI to be able to do sentiment analysis on the top of analyzing the browsing history, to introduce people to a more guided and personalized shopping experience.

AI and Life-like Virtual Agents

A lot of businesses, both large and small, have already begun their journey into deploying AI-powered chatbots to help customers in any way they can – answer questions for site visitors, help them check out, qualify sales leads, and so on. With 2019, we are expecting to witness remarkable advances when it comes to AI-powered customer services.

Not just using chatbots, but companies are now on the path to creating virtual agents that have a face, personality, and can handle complex tasks in order to successfully drive a business.

A good example is Ava – Autodesk’s virtual agent – it has a female face, with a voice that almost emulates the brands of the company. Because Ava has a distinct personality to boast off – something that its team has clearly invested time in designing – it is many ways more successful than its predecessors.

We should also ready ourselves to see many more businesses investing their time, money, and creativity into creating AI-powered virtual agents that are more life-like than before, and can even engage in interesting conversations with their customers.

AI-powered Effective Tackling of Cyber Defense

Cybersecurity has always been a matter of worry for the global Internet community. As cybercriminals finding ways to target SaaS platforms, Internet of Things devices, and the cloud infrastructure, time and again, business owners everywhere been grappling with tech security issues, as best as they can.

It’s a menace that we can expect to be tackled quite effectively with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. There are already organizations such as Darktrace which have employed AI and ML tools to detect the criminals in real-time, and more importantly identify a cyber-threat before it becomes a menace.

With AI technology being empowered to pick up any Internet activity that seems abnormal, indicators have been put into place to defend the system before a cyber-threat goes out of control.

In addition to the above trends, there are also some added predictions based on the way that artificial intelligence has evolved over the years.

Here are the top 3 predictions for AI that 2019 could be looking at…

AI Regulations Should be expected

The evolution of AI has seen many applications that are being widely adopted everywhere; but, one of the most prominent of these has definitely been facial recognition. This is one application that has become ubiquitous in smart cameras, mobile phones, and digital media.

Knowing how easy it could be for anyone to misuse this technology, many countries this year are likely to bring regulations concerning facial recognition with a focus on privacy as well as bias issues. One would even expect many to give the people a right to examine how the technology is being used, receive a full account of the data management, or even completely opt out of its uses. Except for the ones that may apply to all applications in general, some specific regulations with respect to e-commerce, healthcare, social media, law enforcement, and other such domains might be applied incrementally.

Democratization of BI Might Gain Pace, Thanks to AI

With artificial intelligence reshaping so many domains around us, one of the primary benefactors has been the business intelligence market. As the recent years have been seeing, a major core Microsoft BI trend has been about converging the traditional focus of this technology on historical analytics with a brand new generation of predictive analytics, forecasting, and search tools, all infused with AI.

This has resulted in a business user being able to do things that previously required a trained data scientist to do. When it comes to distilling predictive insights from a bunch of complex data, it looks like the year 2019 might have BI vendors integrating a heavy dose of AI, to create such feature-rich solutions that prescribe next best actions, provide in-memory interactivity, and so on to their customers.

AI Ecosystem will be Further Exploring the Idea of Blockchain

There are various uses for blockchain that the AI community is gradually been exploring. There has been a growth in the startups, belonging to a wide range of industries, that have been providing platforms which serve their customers as Artificial Intelligence compute-brokering backbone, a middleware bus, an audit log, as well as a data lake, even as not one of these deployments can be yet called fully mature, or has been adopted widely with the ecosystem of AI developers.

In 2019, it appears that several leading cloud solution providers, including Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, and AWS, are poised to acquire promising startups. By doing so, they aim to bolster their AI toolchain portfolios and effectively cater to the distinct needs of the AI ecosystem. As a recognized Microsoft Gold partner, we actively engage in such strategic developments to advance AI capabilities and meet evolving industry demands.

AI is, undoubtedly, a super fertile ground for innovation, irrespective of industry or sector. With these top trends and predictions, we can be happy that at least technologically, we’re sure that 2019 is starting on an incredible note. But, of course, it would be futile to list all the trends or try predicting every possible path this technology would or could take. It’s a technology that is sure going to take us places! We can only wait and watch!

If you want to embrace any of these trends or plunge into the pool of AI then quickly send in your requirements to Brainvire and we will steer you out.