Automobile IoT: The Transforming Journey of Vehicles

Automobile IoT: The Transforming Journey of Vehicles

The 21st century is the birthplace of smart technology. Not only humans but also technologies have turned intelligent in this century. IoT is one such technology that has revamped the use of appliances, gadgets, and vehicles.

Since the inception of IoT there has been a tremendous evolution in the way it is being utilized via different industry verticals. A significant transformation has been observed in the way the automotive industry has accepted and utilized this technology.

It has been predicted that the enterprise and automotive IoT market is likely to reach over 15 billion touchpoints by 2028 as per reliable sources. Automotive IoT can help you design automobiles based on the preferences of your future customers. 

In this extract, we have shared essential aspects that can help you understand the digital transformation in the automotive industry.

Understanding IoT

Internet of Things or IoT is an ecosystem of correlated digital machines, computer devices, sensors, and objects that possess the ability to transfer real-time data to each other. This exchange of data is carried out with minimum human interference.

These devices can be home appliances such as washing machines, coffee makers, TV, etc. With time, this technology is also introduced in the automobile industry where one can communicate with their vehicles with the help of this intelligent technology.

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Major Transformations Experienced in Automobile Industry due to IoT

Obtain Real-Time Car Updates

With IoT connectivity, several software-based components can be updated over the air (OTA). For instance, OTA software update can help reset a non-working head-set in your vehicle.

OTA has the power to improve vehicle performance and fix issues such as suspension lifts, battery performance, etc. Presence of IoT helps you to gain real-time information about the functioning of all electronic units in your vehicle.

IoT connectivity can help you to trace flaws in your automobile and resolve them before your next trip. At times, certain issues can be fixed within a few taps or a single click.

Improved Fleet Management

Truckers are considered to be the backbone of several economies such as the Middle East and the USA. All these economies need a sturdy fleet management solution to handle vehicles swiftly.

An IoT-based system or sensor can help managers to track the precise location of their vehicles on the road. For instance, they can learn about a particular tractor’s location through a mobile or web app.

In fact, as a fleet manager you can reap benefits of IoT-based senor monitors. They offer you command and monitor vehicles and ensure timely deliverables. Additionally, electronic log-in features allow you to make optimal use of power and track temperature and vehicle movement.

The Latest Infotainment

An outdated car radio is less likely to provide you much-needed entertainment. Besides, it is expensive to replace the old system with a brand new one, time and again.

It is difficult to replace GPS navigation and video screens frequently. On the other hand, an IoT-based sensor and system can host voice-enabled apps to your vehicle’s dashboard.

This allows the driver to make calls, play songs, and also navigate routes in a hassle-free manner. An IoT-based advanced infotainment IoT mobile solution eliminates the need of multiple screens and makes optimal use of a single screen with improved Wi-Fi and hotspot connectivity.

Source: Inc42

Futuristic Maintenance

One of the amazing features of automotive IoT is that it prepares you for the future. You can maintain your vehicle based on future needs and performance. It allows you to gain access to the main system through cloud.

With IoT-sensors and systems, the driver can notify the mechanic or manufacturer with a maintenance alert. There are also certain AI-based complex systems that can forecast powers with the help of predictive algorithms.

Automobile IoT helps you to maintain health of your vehicles. The system alerts the driver about any faults in the functioning. The data collection functionality of this system helps to trace flaws well in advance and avoid major issues in the vehicle.

Easy Parking

A majority of drivers’ waste fuel and time in search of a parking spot. An IoT-based system helps you to track private garages and parking spots while on the move. This helps you to save time and fuel.

Besides, you don’t have to drive to and fro to park your vehicle. You can also gain access to the parking entrance through a mobile app. This way you have no touch access and enjoy smooth parking.

IoT sensors can help open doors of the garage and simplify your task. With automobile IoT, the parking process has become smooth and quick.

Reduced Pollution

IoT data can constantly share updates with you about the roads, traffic, and different ways for an environment friendly commute. IoT sensors can recommend the best route with minimum traffic and smart parking.

This will help you save time, money, and fuel. Some IoT-affiliated tools can update you about toxic gas emissions. They also share your contribution to the pollution and overall pollution status.

IoT-based sensors can also turn-off the streetlights when they are not required as this avoids unnecessary electricity wastage.

Improved Data Security

There is a constant threat of theft when it comes to data shared on the cloud. Automotive IoT ensures that the data is secured with multiple layers and there is no third-party intervention to the data.

Car manufacturers have adequate command over the data and can provide access to only the required parties.

Automotive IoT provides an edge to accumulate all the information at a single destination. The manufacturer doesn’t have to contact multiple parties to learn about vehicle location or maintenance check.

Wrapping up

When you dive deeper, automotive IoT has the potential to improve better roads, accessibility, fleet management, and maintain vehicles for a long duration. IoT-based systems allow you to step into the future while you are in the present. 

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