Benefits of switching to Symfony 2


PHP, a scripting language for web applications has matured big time through years. It has been used extensively by the developers to build websites as well as web applications. PHP has got numerous frameworks; which is the exact reason for people choosing PHP over other languages. Out of so many frameworks like Zend and Cake PHP web application development, the developers and business owners prefer Symfony development these days. The reason behind choosing Symfony is its unlimited number of advantages; not only for developers but also for the business owners.

Symfony2 development

Developers consider Symfony as a one of the best web development php frameworks, as it holds the MVC pattern.  Also, the developers have several command-line tools that help them manage projects and develop apps. Another reason is the extensive cache system which assists when developing complex apps. The business owners like Symphony because of the browser compatibility, use of the reusable and testable codes and its open-source nature.

As most people are aware of the above-mentioned benefits of Symfony, they have started using it when developing websites as well as web applications. Now, with the introduction of Symfony 2, you must know how it differs from Symfony 1. Also, you must switch to Symfony 2, only if you know its benefits. So, let us take a glance at some of the most important advantages of switching to Symfony 2.


It is a testing prone framework because it is extremely easy to do the unit testing and it provides the first layer of functional testing. Also, you can integrate it with the behavioral testing tool. So, instead of wasting a lot of time in manual testing, you can do the unit, functional and behavioral testing.


Instead of banging your head while debugging with complications through other frameworks, it is a good idea to go for Symfony; as it provides you extensive toolbar and more powerful debugging.


Symfony has integration with the best deployment tool; so you need not go for the manual deployment, as it has got high chances of errors. Also, you need not waste your time and money in automating the deployment.


When we talk about bundles, we can say that they are one of the most important and useful concepts of Symfony 2. They are the micro applications which reside into the main application. They help you in separating the logic which ultimately helps you to keep a clean separation of concerns.

Declarative code:

The declarative code helps your developers to understand the piece of code easily. They need not go through the entire application just for understanding a small part of it. So, using Symfony 2 saves a lot of time of the developers.

After reading all the benefits of using Symfony 2, you must be convinced to switch now! So, without wasting time anymore, it is advisable for you to hire Symfony developers, having several years of experience. Good luck for that!

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