Don’t Miss These Top 6 iOS Features During iPhone Apps Development

Don’t Miss These Top 6 iOS Features During iPhone Apps Development

In this modern app, where we are completely dependent on smartphones and apps, we have our phones in our hands or within easy reach most of the time of the day or night. So, the best way for businesses to reach customers is through smartphones. So, all businesses should have a mobile app of their own. While Google and Apple are the leading players in the app market today, here we are going to talk about iPhone apps development.

You must have an iOS app for your business. However, you must not waste your time in building it yourself. Instead, invest that time into business development. There are lots of iPhone apps development company in the market today, so you can research and hire the best one to get your iOS apps development for your business. However, there are a few points that you should keep in mind while getting an iPhone app developed. So, make sure you ask your developer to include these iOS features into your app, so as to build a successful one.

Here is the list of some of the most important iOS features to incorporate in your business app…

1. Big Screen size:
As newer versions of iOS and iPhones emerge, the size of the iPhone screens gets bigger. So, make sure you build your app in such a way that it suits the layout as per the screen size of the new bigger iPhones. So, it is advisable for you to incorporate the auto layout feature, so as to optimize the graphics and animation.

2. More pixels:
With more pixels in larger phones, leverage high resolution and enhance the graphics by making it even more vibrant and bold colors.

3. Interactive notifications and widgets:
The features streamline the sending and receiving process of interactive notifications. Also, you can create custom widgets for the enhanced interactivity.

4. Complete tasks across iOS devices and Macs:
The amazing features allow you to start your task on one device; for example on your iPad, and then continue it on some other device like your smartphone, iMac or Mac laptop. This task can be anything right from calls, emails, docs or maps. Moreover, you can transfer files across various devices wirelessly. How amazing is that!

5. Inter-app communication with extensions:
It also allows one app to interact and share data with other apps, on the same device.

6. Touch id authentication:
The fingerprint scanning feature can authenticate user ID and allows to log in into the app without making the use of the keyboard.

Now that you are aware of some of the most important iOS features to add in your iPhone app for your business, it is advisable for you to keep the above-mentioned list in mind and share it to the mobile app development company that you hire for iPhone Development Services, so as to get a killer app for your business , Brainvire helps you attain your goals at the earliest, bring in more clients and generate high revenue.