iOS 7 – How It Benefits Enterprises?

iPhone Application Development

While Apple has announced iOS 7.0.3 a few days back in order fix iMessage Bugs, calibration issues and more, it is rapidly becoming an effective alternative for the business and enterprises across the globe and businesses consider it a lot more than just a simple iPhone application development. While Apple’s iOS was so far never considered seriously by the enterprises, with the release of iOS 7, small and mid-sized enterprises are considering it a strong alternative to move on!

There is no denying that iOS 7 brings a whole host of features including easy mobile device management, central control and additional security. Such features are quite suitable for the existing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environment within the enterprise sector. While one of its toughest rivals Android is already capitalizing on its easy-to-manage and open interfaces, the main issue with the operating system is the security concerns.

With its stylish and sleek look, iOS 7 is rapidly gaining attention from the business sector and gear up iPhone application development. So, why enterprises are using this upgrade from Apple? What are the reasons behind it? Let’s find it out!

• Security
Of course, BYOD concept is booming these day s, but allowing employees to use their own personal mobile devices within an organization may impose serious security issues. Many of the employees often uses their devices to store their personal data without even considering the scenarios of the device lost or theft.

The Activation Lock feature offered by iOS 7 makes it almost impossible for the hackers to steal the data stored within the mobile device. Moreover, a fingerprint scanner that works in consort with the passcode brings some advanced security.

• Enterprise app management
Apart from the security feature, this latest upgrade from Apple also brings some important features for the IT departments manage employees’ usage of corporate data and apps. Now, it is possible for the IT managers keep track of their employee’s activities in order to make sure their personal life is different from their professional life.

Moreover, the all new VPN (Virtual Private Network) enables IT departments to dynamically configure apps distributed among the employees to connect to its own private network while restricting the access to the users’ personal apps. It will help the organizations to deny app access to the employees who have been pulled out of service.

• File sharing
The AirDrop functionality of iOS 7 will let the users to share their files smoothly and remotely. However, this feature is extensively used in the social sharing, which at the end speed up information sharing among the users.

• Totally FREE iWork Suite
It is available without any cost in all the latest iPhones running iOS 7. The main purpose of creating this application is to give competition to the Microsoft’s free Office Suite.

With the launch of iOS, Apple tried to bring its best for the users and boost up iPhone application development. However, one can’t deny the fact that no device can be 100% secure. What’s your take on this? Do you think Enterprise should consider iPhone application development using iOS 7? Share your views in the comments…!