Drupal With language support – SEO benefits for global businesses

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  • Published OnMay 28, 2014

  • Updated On November 12, 2021

Drupal development for global businesses has some stringent requirements. Especially those that are targeting multiple languages to enable localization of a global business. The good news is that Drupal web development can enable multi language support. It also means that SEO for these sites change too! The first and foremost consideration while you think about optimizing your Drupal site is the content. Be sure that the content quality in all the languages you wish to support is of the top class. No compromise on that! The second consideration to think about is – write content for users to read not search engines!

Well, that said, let’s take a look at how global businesses that are targeting multiple languages can optimize their drupal websites and gain the advantages of great search engine rankings! Many a times it is observed that SEO needs to be included for better Drupal web development.

Multi Language Translators

Drupal With language support - SEO benefits for global businesses

If your business is targeting multiple languages and multiple locations, be sure that the translations are perfect. There are a number of machine generated translations. Avoid using these. Many a times, they generate poor quality content. It does not add any value to your website content. Poor translations generally lead to a poor perception of your website. Remember that automated translations don’t always make sense.

URL’s for Translated pages

Drupal With language support - SEO benefits for global businesses

Use only URL language detection method for your drupal site. Every content on the web requires a unique and distinct URL this means that even each of the language versions for your Drupal website must have a separate URL too. Avoid using session translations or browser language detections.

Usage of localized images

Drupal With language support - SEO benefits for global businesses

Many a time’s websites use images with text or cultural references. Ensure that you localize these images too. This would mean that each translation of your website should have a separate customized image. This also means that you cannot separate SEO from Drupal web development or design. SEO has to be built in the site – right from design and development stage.

Domain Names

Drupal With language support - SEO benefits for global businesses

Search engines use domain names for determining search results. Now if you have a multiple language site, ensure that you have different domain names as well. The good news in that Drupal has built in features for supporting this. Localized domain names could mean good marketing opportunities for you. The other option is, Drupal Development for different languages separately. The important point here is, either use Drupal modules development or a completely new website for each language translation.

Set Your Default Language

Drupal With language support - SEO benefits for global businesses

This is a very important setting for your website. Decide which will be your default language. Make sure it matches your most important market needs. Translations must be used for other localized markets.

Over all, Multiple language support is a very strong feature of Drupal. If you decide to hire Drupal Developers for your global business requirements, make sure that you keep these eCommerce SEO points in mind and include them at the time of development itself to avoid rework and re-configurations!

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