Fantastic Four Reasons To Choose Swift Over Objective C

In this world of mobility, where everyone tries to stand out from the rest, of course, Apple is the leading company, having millions of customers. The craze of iPhone is increasing each day and more and more people are using iPhone applications. Developers have been using Objective C since more than three decades, so Apple has come up with a new programming language Swift for better iOS application development.

Fantastic Four Reasons To Choose Swift Over Objective C

As most people prefer using the old, renowned, tested and proven language. They fear using the new one. So, it is quite natural for you to think and ask, “Why should I switch to the Swift app development?”

Your question is genuine and so is the answer. You have not one, but several reasons of using Swift to develop the iPhone applications. So, let us take a look over some of the most important points as to ‘how Swift can be better than Objective C’…

1. Easier to Read:
As the language was built on C, the Objective C used symbols like ‘@’ and made it a little lengthy and complicated code. On the other side, as Swift is not built on C, it unifies the keywords, so there is no need to use ‘@’. Moreover, even the semi colons and parentheses are not needed. For Methods and Function calls, Swift uses the standard practice of separating the list of parameters within parenthesis by comma. As a result, the code becomes cleaner with simple syntax and grammar; making the readability of the code easier as compared to that of Objective C.

2. Easier to Maintain:
To cut the long matter short; let us come straight away to the point. While Objective C had to maintain two files in order to improve the efficiency and build time, Swift combines both the files into a single code file, reducing the additional maintenance work and improving the quality of code at the same time.

3. Safer:
The null pointers are handled in the amazing way in Objective C, as nothing happens when you call a method using the same. Swift generates compiler error if you write bad code. So, if you use Swift the bug will either not be avoided or it will be fixed sooner, making it safer than Objective C.

4. Unified with Memory Management:
Objective C had Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) support for object oriented code and Cocoa API, but memory management in Core Graphics used to be the responsibility of programmer. However, Swift has ARC support for procedural C code and Core Graphics too.

Apart from the above mentioned benefits, Swifts requires less code and it is faster. Moreover, it comes across fewer name collisions and it supports dynamic libraries. Along with that, it encourages interactive coding. In short, Swift is the future of the enterprise application development.

Now that you got a lot of reasons to prefer Swift instead of Objective C, it is highly recommendable for you to switch at the earliest and congregate all the benefits to make the most out of it.

If the world renowned companies like Lyft, Getty Images, LinkedIn and American Airlines can do it, then even you can do it! It will no more be an experiment! It is tested, proven and safe!

So, hire a Swift app developer and get started with application development for your enterprise to get rich app experience.