Firebase: A Sturdy Base for Your App, Website, and Business

Firebase: A Sturdy Base for Your App, Website, and Business

Businesses are switching to automated and digital solutions. Digital businesses make optimal use of the latest technologies to develop innovative business models, inner abilities, and customer journeys.  

Why should your business be the last one to explore this amazing digital journey?

Apps and websites have the power to provide you with metrics, which is why it’s important to integrate your apps and websites with the right tools and technologies.

Experienced developers prefer Google’s firebase as it offers a comprehensive journey to businesses with-

  • Development of quality apps
  • Accelerated user base
  • Increased profits

In this article, we will cover the following concepts:

  • Getting Familiar with Firebase 
  • Essential Components of Firebase
  • Use Cases
  • Pricing Models

Getting Familiar with Firebase 

Firebase is a BaaS solution that assists developers with in-app and web application development platforms. This Google solution possesses its own infrastructure with a wide variety of tools.

Along with these tools, development kits, and an online dashboard, developers can create a simple workflow. These toolkits are scalable, interlinked, and can be integrated with third-party software.

These tools and functionalities help overcome challenges with standard building blocks. The cloud store and real-time database can store document structured data and sync in the app within seconds.

With improved sync between the database and app, users enjoy a reactive app journey. Firebase platforms don’t have to go through the hassles of any servers. Besides, firebase is suitable for iOS, Android, web, IoT, and several other platforms.

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Essential Components of Firebase

There are three essential components of firebase-

  • Build your app
  • Improve app quality
  • Grow your business

These three components have multiple different parameters under them such as follows:

Build Your App

  • Cloud Firestore- This scalable and flexible cloud database allows you to store and sync data efficiently. You can also reap the benefits of smooth integration with other Google cloud products.
  • Firebase ML-It is easy to implement the functionality with just a few codes. Firebase ML offers convenient APIs that can be utilized to custom-build models for your apps.
  • Cloud Functions- Cloud functions for firebase has a serverless framework. This framework allows you to run the backend code automatically in response to events triggered via firebase features.
  • Authentication-Firebase authentication offers straightforward and simple SDKs, backend services, and pre-designed UI libraries to authenticate users to your app. Authentication through passwords ensures security and a customized experience.
  • Hosting- A single command can deploy web apps and serve dynamic as well as static content. Developers can pair firebase hosting with cloud functions to build microservices.
  • Cloud Storage- This is the simplest, most powerful, and cost-effective object storage. Regardless of the network quality, firebase SDK for cloud storage offers improved security to share and upload files.
  • Real-time Database– With no SQL cloud database, firebase offers automated data sync and storage. Real-time data synchronization and storage are possible due to the presence of JSON.

Improve App Quality

  • Crashlytics- This is a crash reporting solution that offers precise and actionable insights to resolve app issues. Real-time crash reporting for android, iOS, and Unity helps to improve app quality. Get immediate updates on a particular app issue impacting users.
  • App Distribution- Firebase app distribution makes it convenient to share the app with the team and trusted testers. Developers can obtain quick reviews and feedback on the app. This feature also helps acquire stability metrics automatically for all developments.
  • Performance Monitoring- Firebase performance monitoring helps you obtain insights on the performance characteristics of your android, iOS, and web apps. This monitoring helps you track the performance of your app and its striking features. This information can also be used to resolve performance issues.
  • Test Lab- This is a cloud-based app testing infrastructure. A single operation can help you test your iOS and Android apps. You can test device configuration across a variety of devices and visualize results through videos, logs, and screenshots.

Grow Your Business

  • Analytics-Firebase can be easily integrated with Google Analytics to obtain quality analytics. Firebase features also offer you extensive reporting with 500 distinct events which can be easily defined via Firebase SDK. These analytics can help you to understand user behavior that can be further utilized for app marketing. This information can also be used to enhance app performance and customize the user experience.
  • Predictions-Machine Learning induced firebase predictions coupled with analytics can help form user segments. Users’ predicted behavior is primarily used to create these segments. Predicted behavior also helps to re-engage with users and retain them wisely.
  • Extensions-Firebase allows you to use unique extensions for each of your installations. It is easy to integrate an extension with other cloud platforms for your firebase project. You can discover the right extension from the elite official collection of firebase extensions.
  • A/B Testing- With firebase A/B testing you can optimize the app experience to run, analyze, and evaluate apps easily. You can carry out experiments and examine the impact of campaigns, features, engagements, etc. through your metrics.
  • Cloud Messaging-Firebase cloud messaging allows you to send messages securely at zero cost. This cross-platform messaging solution can help enhance user engagement and retention.
  • In-App Messaging-It empowers you to engage with users and send them customized messages at the right time. You can send customized in-app messages to users based on their previous search or purchases.
  • Remote Configuration- You can upgrade the app and your users won’t have to reinstall the app. Remote configuration allows you to provide customized app themes and experience to your diverse audience.
  • Dynamic Links-Firebase gives you the ability to provide dynamic links to your customers and simplify their customer journey. You can send customized links to users as per their purchase interest for app installation or better access.
  • App Indexing-This feature allows your users to gain access to app content easily. App indexing helps you to share links similar to your website and improve homepage search results.

Use Cases

Brainvire’s seasoned experts can custom-set features as per the project requirements. With Firebase, they developed a functional app for the healthcare industry. The app allowed users to count their steps.

Our team integrated firebase features with Google kit/Health kit and automatically monitored patients’ steps. The real-time database provided an accurate step count to patients. The database also provides updated patients’ information to doctors. 

Pricing Models

The cost is mainly determined by features implemented and other project requirements. You can either opt for a free spark plan or a paid blaze plan. You can reach out to our expert to discuss the pricing model.

Firebase allows you to reap the benefits of multiple features through personalized plans. You can use a pricing calculator to ensure the best prices.


Firebase gives you an opportunity to build a futuristic app, infrastructure, and evolve your business opportunities. This also helps you to enjoy improved ROI.

Ask our experts for a demo project to unleash a brilliant business growth journey.

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